🐀 If you’re thinking about getting rats, or you are a new rat owner, I hope some of these points are useful to you! Please note that I am not a professional, anything mentioned in this video is simply from my experience of owning rats, or through research I have done prior to owning them! 🐀

Please make sure you go and do FURTHER research after watching this video, to make sure that Rats are the right pet for you.
Here are some good places to start:


If you would like me to go further into detail about any of the points mentioned, in another video, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. People think smelly animals need to wash, in reality we humans are washing our selfes way too often. Its not good for skin and hair. People think one is supposed to smell like perfume. Don’t get me wrong, you shouldnt be all messy.

  2. I got two beautiful rats named lilo and stich they are grey and white I have checked done all of this and my rats are happy and healthy

  3. Watching this with my ferret fallen asleep on me, that being said I’m not really ever planning on getting rats but I love your videos and there’s no harm in getting educated about them

  4. #1 do not buy rats at a pet store. Do not support rodent farms! Find a reputable breeder who is responsible about breeding. You are not "saving" them if you buy them at at pet store. You are just supporting rodent farms, where they literally breed a female to death this go’s for all rodent. They are the same if not worse than a puppy mill. You can adopt from a animal shelter, but you will need patience to break any bad habits like bitting or fear.

  5. I was thinking about getting a rat before I saw this video. Since I can’t really afford a bunch of vet bills I think it’s best that I don’t adopt rats. Thank you so much for posting this video!

  6. I just rescued a rat. She was at the Petco where I live. She lived with a large group of female albino rats. They bit her, jumped on her, clawed her, etc. She’s much younger than they were and she’s a fancy rat. Do you think I should still socialize her?

  7. im getting a rat very soon once he is old enough, this will be our first rat but we dont want to get two right away, do you think its okay for a little while? we just need to start off with one then once our friend has another litter, we will get another

  8. I had a pet female rat, Darcie. Everytime I held her she licked and licked my hand was so sweet. When she died, I could not stop crying. They arent just pets all they want is love.

  9. Me and my sister, are getting petty rat’s because my neighbors has rats and they are so cute and they love me and my sister.

  10. i want a rat so ferieakkein BAD ive been doing research so i can convince my parents to buy me one after i decide if i want the responsibility of a rat on my hands. its currently 11:07 pm and im still doing research. i lovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee rats so much!!

  11. Number rule 1 I’m sorry I can’t have a rat cause I can’t keep it with me I play to much in my laptop to pay attention to a rat

  12. I have a pet hamster and when I was doing laundry I dropped a piece of clothing and i forgot it the next day and I found holes in them :C

  13. I got a rat like 3 weeks ago and it was kinda out of no where so i dont have the correct stuff for him cuz im moving soon so i will get the propper stuff for him once i move and i will get him a friend

  14. You are a very good teacher, very smart and you know your stuff… watched a couple of your vids and now getting some rats, thanks for sharing… I subscribed!

  15. It’s amazing that you felt the need to make a video since you motivated so many people to buy rats. You are awesome! It is true that people buy pets without thinking, just because they see something cute on the internet. I myself did the same thing and even though I regretted buying my pets in the beginning, I learned how to compromise, take good care of them and give them everything they need. Now I love them to death 🙂

  16. Buy a wash cloth and soak it, wring it out and stroke the rat with like you would when your petting. Don’t go against the fur and do go over the washed areas with a dry wash cloth.

    Alway be gentle ❤️ it’s l as stress for the rats

  17. Are Rats good pets for kids? I’ve got a 5 and 11 year old. We want some furry critters and I’ve always wanted pet rats

  18. I adopted a rat in 2018 he was aggressive to his siblings quite early, so in return they wouldn’t let me get him a friend. However a person there was a person behind me that rejected that idea and bought one for me and said it would be fine. I had them together for a few days and they both died, they were playing and they got rough and one of them sadly died a day later, and the other died because he was so upset. They were best friends for those days and it discouraged me for awhile because I thought what happened was my fault. But I just got two girls yesterday and they are the most adorable girls I have seen. I will do my best to do this right the second time.

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