🐁 If you’re thinking about getting Mice, or you are a new mouse owner, I hope some of these points are useful to you! Please note that I am not a professional, anything mentioned in this video is simply from my experience of owning a mouse, or through research I have done prior to owning him! 🐁

Please make sure you go and do FURTHER research after watching this video, to make sure that Mice are the right pet for you.
Here are some good places to start:


If you would like me to go further into detail about any of the points mentioned, in another video, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I want to adopt mice but I’m only worried about it stressing out my dog especially if they make a ruckus at night (I don’t care about that myself since I often sleep with earplugs in due to noisy roommates and neighbours)

  2. my cage is a 4 level and a wheel cant fit there. But the 4Th level has a big ball wheel
    ps: i will be be getting a flying saucer

  3. I had to mice that I got for Christmas, my mom’s boyfriend got them from a sketchy person at a gas station who was breeding them for snakes. I wanted young mice but when he asked for young mice she didn’t, so I had no idea how old they were but they were both females. I got them a pretty big or medium size fish tank to live in and we used bedding that said it was made for mice it had like a shredded paper kinda texture but like fluffy?? And the food they had was kinda these big chunks that we just put them around the cage and it was also suppose to help with their teeth. They had a little box to hide in but they ripped up the bottom of it so they can dig in the bedding lol. They had a water bowl that idk if it was too big or not but they seemed fine with it, they also had a toilet paper roll but they never really got in it. We had two mice both females and one was white but not albino I don’t think and the other was dark gray with a white belly. After I took them home I had them for a couple months like 3 or 4 and the white one died. I have no idea how she died she was doing fine the other day and when I came home from school she was dead, the other one mouse was still going strong and although she lived alone we still had her for like another year. She was doing fine and every time I got off from school she would come out of her little hiding spot and want attention and to play, I would take her out of her cage at least once a day, around when I got out of school. We would sometimes give her vegetables for treats and idk, she was ok with them. But one day I got off of school and she had a lump on her back, I don’t know where she got it from but i know she used to like to climb on her hiding box and jump off, it wasn’t very high but I thought maybe she landed wrong and hurt her back, so I told my mom and my mom checked her out and I asked her if we could take her to the vet because she would flinch when I tried to pet her in that spot but my mom said we couldn’t take her that day because we would have to set up and appointment and she didn’t have enough money at the time and would have to wait till next week when she got her paycheck. But she only got worse after an hour, she could hardly walk and was wobbly my mom tried looking it up and trying to find out what was wrong, my mom said that it could be low blood sugar and to give her some sugar water but she didn’t drink it when we gave it to her, we tried to force feed it to her but we didn’t want to choke her, she died that night and we buried her. I still don’t know why she died and I kinda blamed myself, like maybe I wasn’t taking care of her enough or the signs were all there but I just never noticed them?? Or that if it was low blood sugar I should have feed her properly. I don’t know, I miss her, her name was Ash lol and she used to love climbing up on my hand, I didn’t even need to pick her up, I just had to put my and down and she would get on it. And I just realized how long this comment is omg

  4. I wanna comment on the difference bewteen mail and female scent/ it is not simply quantitative (and very much so), but qualitative. Females will stink, but generally no more so than any other animal of similar size and poopiness if the bedding is not ceaned frequently enough. males produce their scent on purpose and changing bedding is not going to remedy the problem very much, even if you do it every day, though not changing it would definiitely exacerbate it. In fact, i once tried washing and drying male mouse and that actually worked for about two days, after which the smell was back. I’d say that the smell of a single mouse can be similar to that of a large dog, but since i never kept a dog indoors i’m not 100% sure if mouse is not actually stronger.

  5. I’ve bred mice for many years and I had my share of the funny antics of mice.the love they bring makes them excellent pets.had my share of health issues and have bred mice three times in my life.seen it all.but this is a great and informative video.thanks for posting.

  6. Thank you for the video. This was really important for me as it helped me to decide not to get mice. It would have been a mistake for me as lovely as they are. Thank you for preventing me from making a poor decision!!

  7. I am watching this after my cat caught a mouse, brought it into my house, toor open his stomach, feasted on his organs, and leaving leftovers for me to clean up. R.I.P Frankie, you will be missed.

  8. I have two male mice and I do not know whether that are siblings and that fight a lot and I do not have the money for a new cage and I do not know a lot since I literally just read a petco manual and also one of my mice that is male has a large bump on his side and leg and I am not sure if it is a tumor or a growth or I read they also can get cists and it says it goes away but I’m not sure and I don’t know a relaibiale source and am young and I know this video is old but I really need help but also thanks one of my mice is really nice and the other one is mean and attacks him a lot and I am scared and like I said I do not have the money for second cage and I am not sure about the plastics tub so I am stuck but this video has gave me a lot of tips and I am grateful and my mice names are ace and sabo.

  9. Mice are active in the evening
    Welp I broke them then mine come out at like 6 am and stay out till like 8am probably because I usually get up at 6 and give them fresh water

  10. I feel really lucky, I got one male and the decided to get him a friend about a month later. I put them in the same cage, they chased and squeaked a little at first, but a couple days later and I find them snuggled up together in or out of the hide house with their tails entwined and they do that like every day 🙂 and they are both males, though I do plan on getting a female or two for breeding soon

  11. I bought feeder mice and I got all males I got 3 males the only fighting I saw was over the wheal and I do plan on getting another one I have 3 hides for each of them I did not no u couldn’t have them together there doing fine tho as for now I will keep a close eye on them this video helped me out a lot

  12. I just rescued a baby mouse could you do a video on that subject?? I’m doing research and he looks about 6-13 weeks old and they are eating solids but soft solids and should I be giving him water now?

  13. After my mouse lost her friend because of a cat attack she started acting very sleepy and wasn’t as active as she was with her friend when I learned that mice are social I knew I had to get another mouse because I didn’t want her to be lonely forever so I told my mom that I need another mouse she said no so I want to find a better way to get her to get her a friend.
    I’m just telling a story of what happened to my mouse..

  14. I have two female mice Rosemary and violet rosemary never peeps or poops on me she literally acts like a dog and she will snuggle into my pocket it’s so cute and i have never been bitten by either of them I love violet aswel but rosemary had to be my favorite

  15. there’s a mouse who just moved into my bedroom one day and I’ve been just kind of leaving food around so I guess he’s technically my pet LOL

  16. Could someone please answer: so I am getting a mouse and I was wondering what Health medicine it abosulutely needs, like does it need worming medicine or mites spray or something? Which medicine is essential for the mouse

  17. If a male and a female had kids, and one of them was a boy, will the son and father harm each other when the son gets older?

  18. Does anyone know if you can keep anti-smell charcoal bags around mice? I’m thinking of getting a mouse and I know I have a few of those but I want to make sure it doesn’t affect their breathing if I do get one.

  19. Mice are great for people needing a pet to love that live in small spaces/move every 2 years! I chose to rescue older rats knowing I’d only have a year or two with them bc I’m early in my career and may move

  20. Is it possible to keep a female mouse alone? I got a fancy mouse just over 3 weeks ago from pet smart.
    She’s been getting kinda aggressive. And just wondering if I need to get her another mouse to be with her.

  21. this is an old video but i have a question for people with experience in owning mice. i had 2 fairly old girls i had gotten at the same time. they had been showing signs of aging for a while now and eventually both passed away within a 2 week time span leaving me with one girl who is just over a year old. the last death was around 3 weeks before i left for a 10 day vacation. the bonding process can take some time so we decided to get her some friends after we get back. i left my mouse and other pets with a pet sitter who would only be providing basic care. I’m now halfway into my trip and woke up to a message from the sitter saying my mouse isn’t eating or drinking and hasnt been seen at all. i don’t get back for another 5 days either. would anyone know what couldve happened? could she have passed due to the lack of human and/or other mouse socialization? could she just be hiding? potentially escaped? (she has a fairly new cage and couldve figured something out)

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