🐁 If you’re thinking about getting Mice, or you are a new mouse owner, I hope some of these points are useful to you! Please note that I am not a professional, anything mentioned in this video is simply from my experience of owning a mouse, or through research I have done prior to owning him! 🐁

Please make sure you go and do FURTHER research after watching this video, to make sure that Mice are the right pet for you.
Here are some good places to start:


If you would like me to go further into detail about any of the points mentioned, in another video, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’m about to get a mouse and I was wondering if I could use a hamster ball for it to use to run around my room whilst I am cleaning the cage. Is a hamster ball bad for mice’s backs?

  2. Is it okay to keep my mouse cage in my closet? I have a big walk in closet with lots of extra space that i keep clean. Its quiet but i dont know if its a bad idea because maybe not a lot of ventilation in the room?

  3. I am thinking about getting fancy mice and I don’t know what kind of bedding to get any recommendations?

  4. idk if this is a common thing but when I go to Petsmart to look at animals, the mice have a kind of sack dragging on the ground between their legs. I don’t know if it’s just an average male rat, or a female with a tumor.

  5. and I said to my mom I want to get a rat but I’m really getting a mouse and she does not know the difference between rat and mice that is how you trick your mum

  6. I am getting one very soon and this helped so much! 🙂 I do feel bad about leaving them alone for school but I will of course play with them after!

  7. I have two female mice Rosemary and violet rosemary never peeps or poops on me she literally acts like a dog and she will snuggle into my pocket it’s so cute and i have never been bitten by either of them I love violet aswel but rosemary had to be my favorite

  8. sometimes I mouse sits very still and stares blankly… you mentioned torpor but my mouse has plenty of fresh water and food and also is in a nice comfortable temp. She is a bit overweight. Is that a possible reason? Otherwise she is very active. She runs on her wheel, burrows, and plays.

  9. i’m getting two females. i’m getting so confused about the cage size i could get. can someone please help me out? there’s so many different preferences i’m just a tad bit confused.

  10. One thing I found with my pet mouse is that if you put the tip of your fingers by their mouths then they will bite you so keep your palm flat or curled like when you are deeming a horse

  11. I’m going to breed my male mouse with my boyfriend’s female. Once the babies are born He’ll keep them until they’re full grown but after that point since I will be taking a male would it be okay to put the male offspring with his dad? I know males don’t get along but do you think putting them together would be worth a try?? (My male I currently have is getting old)

  12. I have two fancy mice. I don’t know how old they are but I have only had them for about a month. They are both female (we think) but they eat A LOT. I give them food regularly and I give them the same as everyone else. They have water and a nice big cage and they are safe but they are so fat and they won’t stop eating.. Do you have any advice?

  13. I have 2 super sweet playful females and they are stinkyyy. They need space too because they are so playful.

  14. You forgot something they give birth at 6 weeks since born soooooooooooooooooo you will have a unlimited supply of mice if you buy a recently born mouse

  15. I’m excited for getting a mouse for my birthday I’m so excited it’s in 4 months in August and this was helpful I love you! <3 Edit: also I have 4 cats and need to put in my bed room but I’m a night stayer I stay up at night.

  16. I have only had a few beta fish as pets in my life, but I rly love the idea of little mice they r so cute. However, I wonder if they smell weird or if they r hard to hadle?

  17. Can someone help me what’s the best food for mice I’m getting some for my birthday (I’ve wanted some for years) and I wanna give them the best life possible with the best food and enrichment

  18. Do you think it is fair to wolf wild mice!? My friend scared their mom to death by accident so he adopted them

  19. I watched a 5 minute ad to get to this
    Then all the bars on my phone decided to go away so I’m watching this on a very slow YouTube sigh

    I’m used to being pooped and peed on by all sized animals
    My dog, the class pet guinea pig who was just waiting and peed like 5 Gallons, one my horses, my sadly deceased hamster 2-3 time yeah….. Well I don’t mind anymore the chickens also love to poop on me of course

  20. My mouse isn’t taking well to me yet … it has only been about a week, maybe a bit more.. But I’ve made very, very little progress. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong ..

  21. i have 2 female mice called oreo and snickers and i love them so much. this video was very helpful. thank you!

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