1. That sea Otter wit the rock in its little tiny hands, was playing imaginary Basketball i think the Otter was dreaming about playing against Jordan.
    These Otters are so entertaining they’ll find anything to have fun with; omg
    Look at that one Otter sliding down on its belly in the snow.

  2. Otters are cute n funny n all but an Otter killed my dad’s old greyhound when he took her out on a fishing trip. Cute but vicious. Still cried at that one Bill Travers film tho

  3. "Ooooh so lovely" … hey, what’ya doing there! Let’s go have some steak. Lol, people are so condractictive.

  4. These Sea.otters are amazingly smart , look how they groom themselves and how they show their pups how to swim and everything;
    This sea otter had a rock on its stomach. while its floating to crack the shell open so it can to the favorite part of the food . Man are they cool these otters are the best.

  5. It’s really hard being a sea otter! It’s just that we like to make it look easy. That’s anotter approach.

    Jeezz, that was bad. Leaving now.

  6. "Try not laugh" ? really? – sweet Pictures, but funny? …. easiest way not to laugh. —–compilation (2019) …posted on 08/2018 ….thats much funnier!!

  7. Otters have been doing well, but in some states people are still allowed to hunt them.

    People are also allowed to still pollute their water ways and with the way the administration has treated public lands, I wonder if they will be safer as pets than in the wild.

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