10 Amazing Pets Who Saved Their Owners

10 Amazing Pets Who Saved Their Owners

10 Amazing Pets Who Saved Their Owners

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We have heard and seen occasions where humans saved the lives of animals on social media and news platforms. Recently, one was circulated on the media about a man punching a bear to save his dog’s life. There was also another where a retired soldier saved his puppy from the jaw of a gator. But we all ain’t living to listen to just a single story, right? As humans have rescued animals’ lives on different occasions, so have many animals too. In this video, you will see different occasions where animals, dogs especially, saved humans from dangers and near-death experiences.
10. Lions Rescued a Kidnapped Girl
I don’t know if you heard this story too. But there was a time it flooded the internet that a 12-year-old girl was kidnapped by some men. She was walking through a narrow path from school when the men crossed her way and kidnapped her. They took her into a deep forest, perhaps to unleash their evil plans on her or call the parents to extort them for a ransom.
But a pride of lions chased away the kidnappers. What do you expect to happen next? Well, normally as we view animals, everyone would have thought that the lions would devour the poor girl who kept sobbing ceaselessly. But the lions surrounded her without even trying a scratch on her.
Police came to rescue her the day after. The lions left when they saw police coming. Well, it was mysterious to non-lion experts why the carnivorous beasts suddenly became angels. But experts claimed that the way the girl was crying put the animals off. They believed that the lions felt she cried like their cubs and so must be taken care of as one.
9. Gorilla Rescue Boy
Gorillas are known for their power and brutes. But do you know that these human cousins could be kind too?
If you remember the story of a three-year -old boy who fell into the pen of gorillas at Brookfield Zoo in Illinois, you’d agree with me that animals too could be angelic. It was almost unbelievable.
A gorilla can destroy a fully grown man in a matter of minutes, how much more a kid? But instead of this gorilla to do so to this child, the motherly creature surprised everyone that witnessed the scene. She dropped her baby and went ahead to pick the little boy and delivered him to the rescue team. There was no hurt whatsoever, except for the injuries the boy sustained when he fell.
The Gorilla then went back to pick her baby and breastfed it. You wonder if this was the same world where humans abandon even their own wards.
8. Lulu Saves JoAnn
When Lulu, the beautiful black pig, was given to a woman for birthday, she immediately rejected it. Actually, not many people will want to accept a pig for a birthday gift. But the mother of the woman accepted the poor pig and took good care of her. They were living together as friends.
But on a fateful day, JoAnn realized that she had not only accepted a pet, but a savior. That day, JoAnn had a heart attack, and there was no one to rescue her. She was home alone with Lulu, the pig. When Lulu saw her, she was petrified. She somehow opened the latch and went to the road, placed her mouth on the road and stopped vehicles. But people didn’t understand her. She went inside and came out again, until a man decided to check what was going on inside. The man found JoAnn lying down and fighting for her life. Immediately, he called 911.

Heroic Pig ‘Plays Dead’ To Save Her Dying Owner

7. A Whale Saved a Snorkeler from a Shark
Waters with shark are danger zones, we all know. But this fact doesn’t stop snorkelers from daring the sea often. When snorkeler Nan Hauser dived into the sea, she didn’t know that she would be seeing something entirely different from the previous experiences she had been familiar with for over 28 years of snorkeling.
She hadn’t dived too deep when she saw a whale trying to tuck her in her fin, doing just everything to protect her as a mother does her child. At first Nan Hauser didn’t understand what was behind the whale’s strange behavior. But she needed just some seconds to look around and realize what danger she was in.
Just a little distance away, a shark lurked around, seeking the opportunity to strike. But Nan was lucky enough to quickly understand her adopted mother’s message, so she quickly got out of the shark’s territory.
The shark wouldn’t have been so pleased with the whale.


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    When i was 10 someone tried to kidnap me when I was walking to my moms car it was show and tell and my dog was with me when the person said that she was my moms friend supposed to bring me home my dog started barking and growling the principal walks over and asked to see how she knew my mom the lady quickly drove off then I saw my mom again

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    My old cat Jack was hanging out in our yard once and a dog came running in, at first jack ran but then started to fight, I was in the yard with my friend and my brother, after the dog ran away we took Jack to the veterinarian, he had seven broken ribs and later found out that he was internally bleeding and couldn’t eat, we had to lay him down, but if Jack wasn’t there I don’t even know what would have happened to us.

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    Lions are not beasts, it’s just the way they are! Never judge an animal by the way they act or look

    The extinct Tasmanian Tiger went extinct cause it was actually misunderstood when they open their mouths wide, it just means a warning they were NOT going to eat or kill you!

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    When I was a little girl,my parents and I had two black cats. Their names were Billy and Anastasia. They both saved me when I almost stopped breathing for some reason.

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