10 Most Asked Questions About Service Dogs

10 Most Asked Questions About Service Dogs

Learn more about Service Animals and the comfort they provide.

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This video is not based on my personal opinion, everything can be found here on this government website.

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  1. I was wondering if you knew places in the south that trained psychiatric service dogs, I’ve been searching for places but I can only find ones that help veterans with PTSD. I was diagnosed with PTSD when I was 17 and it’s been really hard to even leave my house some days. I feel like a service dog would really help me feel safer in public spaces and warn me if I’m about to freak out.

  2. If someone is has really bad anxiety/depression, would it be possible to get a service animal or is that an ESA?

  3. First of all emotional support dogs go through training. Emotional support dogs might not take as long for as service dogs buy there get trained! like pressure therapy and emotional dogs have the same right as a Service dog by the way

  4. Thank you so much for this video! It’s all very important information that sadly the general public does not know.

  5. very nice i use to be a food service manger and you wouldn,t believe the number of times people would try to get me to run people with service dogs out of resterant i would tell them i couldn,t and if they had an allergy or something i would move them to another table the dogs were always clean and well behaved

  6. Can any dog breed be a service dog or only certain breeds can become a service dog depending on their disability?

  7. My friend has a service dog and a statement that so many people say to them is "You don’t look blind." First of all, there is no such way a blind person should look and second, they aren’t even blind! I think more people need to be educated about service dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, and all the types of work dogs

  8. I have severe anxiety and have been looking into getting an SD. Would there be a task involved. I get really bad panic attacks IN PUBLIC. Especially in stores. So I was wondering about if I could get one or not. I’m afraid I might not because it’s not technically a “disability”, but it effects my life and well being daily.

  9. I don’t agree with you saying that emotional support dogs aren’t service dogs some people who have PTSD need there dogs to be with them to go into stores because this world is crap and you saying that they don’t do anything for their owners is bs because they can do pressure therapy and other things so it’s my opinion

  10. Well said.
    I actually found your channel over a year ago when I was looking into a service dog (I’m now currently training one)
    Do you have a prospect to replace caspian?
    Also could you do a video on how to transition your SD into retirement?

    And oh boy thank you for mentioning fake service dogs. Charli has almost been attacked twice. I don’t see how people get away with faking service dogs since it is so easy to tell if the dog is trained or not. Now I’m not going to sit here and say my dog is perfect she’s still young and has quite a lot of training to go. She made mistakes, like barking, but the important thing is that I correct her. She has been in training for a year now and she messes up less and less. People with fakes don’t even try to correct their animals behavior and it reflects badly on real service dog or SDiT (if your state grants access right to SDiT)

  11. I kind of would like a service dog but I’m very sensitive to barking and I would find it hard to walk them every day. I do have a cat though who I snuggle when I get upset and he talks all the time.

  12. I have major anxiety so I would benefit from a service dog but all the organizations in long Island and New York City only train service dogs for Autism, people in wheelchairs, blind, deaf, epilepsy, and diabetes. So I am gonna risk owner training because I used to be a puppy raiser for guide dogs so I have some knowledge

  13. I bring my daughters’ emotional support dog (Italian greyhound) everywhere including the mall. He is very well behaved and sometimes people say they didn’t even notice him because he’s so quiet. My daughter has severe anxiety and she is able to focus on him and enjoy public settings.

  14. Thank you so much for this..I have been considering a service dog for awhile for med alerts & seizures ,but with so many negative stories I keep hearing I worry about the stress it may cause me trying to say "no please don’t pet".. I have Lupus so any extra stress can cause serious issues.. This gave me more insight into it .. Hope you have a great holiday season w/the happy tails all around lol

  15. What’s questions that pet sitter have to ask the client before take care for their dog and what’s dog sitter have to do? Please answer my question!

  16. Great Video!
    Im currently training my 12 week old heeler puppy for service work. Currently she is just being socialized and learning basic manners and commands ❤

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