20 Worst Amusement Park Accidents

20 Worst Amusement Park Accidents

Ultimate Fact Presents Top 20 Worst Amusement Park Accidents. Everybody loves amusement parks! The amusement parks are magical places where everyone has fun and has the perfect opportunity to relax and experience high adrenaline. You may like roller coasters. Now let’s take a look at top 20 most horrific amusement park disaster.
Fujin Raijin II
In May 2007, the Expland amusement park in Osaka, Japan, became one of the worst amusement park accidents in history. Six Fujin-Raizin II carriages went off the track and collided with a road fence after one of the car axles broke. One woman died, and 19 other people were severely injured, where some of them almost died in the accident.According to Expoland’s operator, a broken wheel axle was responsible for the tragic accident.
Kings Island
The infamous Kings Island is also considered a haunted amusement park. The facility in Mason, Ohio, took four people’s lives in one day, including three visitors and an employee. Visitors have repeatedly seen a ghost girl in a blue dress and other strange visitors from the other side of the world. These stories have become so popular that Sci-Fi TV has dedicated an episode of the documentary series Ghostbusters.
The colossal three-hole internal roller coaster, Hallucinogen, is also part of one of the creepiest amusement parks with significant accidents. In June 1984, the missing shutters in the last carriage wheel caused the entire train to go off the rails. Three people from this car died.
Coney Island
Built in 1927, the Cyclone experienced one of the worst amusement park rides accidents in the United States. To date, three people have died on this slide. In May 1985, a 29-year-old man died after standing up and hitting his head on a bar. Just three years later, a 26-year-old man died after falling off the Cyclone, and in July 2007, a 53-year-old man broke his neck while riding and died in hospital a few days later.
Oakwood Theme Park
The Oakwood theme park accident occurred in April 2004. When 16-year-old Hayley Williams and her family rode a waterslide, they fell out of a cart and fell from a height of 30 meters, suffering life-altering injuries.
Okpo Land
Okpo Land was located on the outskirts of Okpodong in South Korea and existed for several months. Unfortunately, the facility is on the list of abandoned amusement parks after two accidents.
Action Park
Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey, experienced several accidents for a short period. Six people have died in the history of the park: one died of an electric shock, the second suffered a heart attack, three drowned, and another died after his cart went off the rails.
Six Flags Over Georgia
This attraction was one of the most popular in the entertainment complex Six Flags in Georgia. However, in 2008, 17-year-old Ashy Lyshaw Ferguson died here, lost his hat while riding, and went straight to the rails to get it. At that very moment, the boy was hit by a train that was running on the tracks at 80 km/h.
Magic Harbor
Once a thriving amusement park and a popular holiday destination in South Carolina, Magic Harbor was the place where a horrible amusement park accident struck in 1983. A 13-year-old girl was almost decapitated after standing in the trailer of the Black Witch attraction. Soon after her death, the park was closed entirely.
Pripyat Amusement Park
An amusement park in Pripyat, like the city itself, is often considered one of the scariest amusement parks in the world. The facility was abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear power accident in 1986.
Terra Mitica
Even though today, the safety measures in the amusement park industry have significantly improved, theme park disasters still continue to happen. In July 2014, an 18-year-old boy from Iceland was thrown out of his seat in Terra Mitica amusement park in Spain. The unlucky guy died in an ambulance shortly after the accident.
Which one of these accidents do you think is the worst? Tell us about other cases that you know of in the comment section below.
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