2020 Hungarian Grand Prix: FP2 Highlights

2020 Hungarian Grand Prix: FP2 Highlights

It was a wet and wild second practice session as the drivers tried their hardest to keep their cars in the right direction during the rainy conditions

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  1. Bring back tyre wars and refueling, I want to see some races where teams can actually use some tactics instead of a procession with cars stopping to change tyres once, it’s BORING!!!!!!!

  2. 1:16 what the hell is going on with his rear left tyre? seems a lot of horizontal movements there

  3. Do they have to stick female roles into stuff that males like? movies (like ghostbusters), cars, etc. It’s not like we’re going to complain if predominantly female things don’t have a male speaker…

  4. I wonder how that magic water absorbing asphalt would do on these tracks… Might be a game changer 😀

  5. From eleventh to twentieth the color matched the rainbow except there’s a blocking way of the alpha tauri of kvyat hehe

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