2020 Tuscan Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

2020 Tuscan Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

Who will snatch pole at the inaugural Tuscan Grand Prix? Watch all the best bits from Saturday at Mugello…

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  1. Is it just me, or has the Ham-Bot gap been .06 a lot of times. Hearing "Six one-hundredths off his teammate!" is starting to trigger deja vu.

  2. It seems like the timing they show us aren’t in sync with the video. If we pause at 3:58 we see that Bottas had crossed the line at 1:15:1 but his time was 1:15:2

    And Bottas’ number turns to 2 before his time stops running. It turns to 2 when his lap time is at 1:14:9

  3. Hamilton has to be acknowledged as the greatest of all time and well done Albon for his very brave and skilful first podium!!!

  4. Can we say official, Formula 1 2020 is dead. There is no competition for Mercedes. They won, get the trophy and close this season. There is no point to continue this madness.

  5. Oh look Vettel didn’t make it out of Q2!!! Too Bad. :(( ….. Checo finished Q3 in 5Th. Ferrari would not be setting up a driver for failure. It is the driver who has to show that he can handle the car!!!
    "Ferrari to Vettel" I gave you the tools to succeed…. Show me what you can build with those tools and I’ll tell you what you are made of!!! ….Hey Ferrari sign Checo he can deliver!!

  6. At least the feeling is mutual now…
    Ferrari doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Vettel
    Vettel doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Ferrari (with his future secured on Aston Martin)

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