3 Toys Every Hamster NEEDS!

3 Toys Every Hamster NEEDS!

Here are 3 of my favourite hamster toys that you should try too!

10 Toilet Roll Toys For Small Pets


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  1. My hamster is one and a half years old and I only got him today he is a long haired syrian and a male and creamy and his name is a pumpkin!

  2. I use all three of these toys on a regular basis! I bought a plastic toy for foraging with holes on every side. The postage was pricy but it was absolutely worth it, and he has it in his bin cage all of the time!

  3. I really don’t get how rats are smarter than hamsters I swear rats literally forget where they are I know your probably thinking I mean fish but no I mean rats I read about it.

  4. We once had a bendy bridge and my hamster got his leg stuck in the gap and broke his leg ! Sadly he didn’t survive .

  5. In the thumb nail picture that is so my hamster the red eyes the white and brown I’m not with my hamster now cause he’s in my dad’s so I’m thinking..
    Girl,did you steal my hamster?

  6. 20:00 where did you get the cage from you probably built the top but where did you get the glass like base

  7. Invest in some non-toxic glue and a bag of Popsicle sticks, and you can make nearly any toy they could ever want. Rattan balls are good too, and also really cheap.

    I like to build big climbing frames/mazes for my hammy, I have a few and swap them every week or so.

    I also bury some bits of strong-smelling food for her to dig up and find. :3

  8. I ALSO HAVE RED COLERED EYED HAMSTERS (exactly i have two there are’nt sisters there friends XD)

  9. I thought my hamster was in the tumbnail because she looks basiclly the same as the hamster in the tumbnail.

  10. This is so helpful I have a robo dwarf hamster his name is fluffy and he’s absolutely the sweetest

  11. I’m getting hamster soon…but do they need light as where I’m placing it is a dark spot

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