3 Types of Service Dogs – Breeds, Facts and What They're Used For

3 Types of Service Dogs – Breeds, Facts and What They're Used For

We all think of the domesticated dog as being man’s best friend, but throughout history dogs have provided invaluable support to humans in ways other than companionship. Here are three types of service dogs that are assisting people today

Guide dogs

Perhaps the most well-known type of service dog is the guide dog which helps a blind or visually impaired individual travel safely and avoid obstacles. Most guide dogs are golden retrievers, Labradors and German shepherds.

Hearing dogs

Hearing dogs alert deaf and hearing impaired people to specific sounds at home and in public. They are trained to make physical contact with their partner in response to sounds such as sirens, smoke and fire alarms, a doorbell, or a baby’s cries.

Mobility assistance dogs

Mobility assistance dogs help people who are physically disabled be more independent. The dogs are trained to perform tasks and chores for adults and children who utilize wheelchairs, prosthetics or other assistive devices.

Service dogs are changing people’s lives for the better


  1. There are a lot more types of service dogs that you didn’t even say like there are seizure alert there are diabetic there are dogs that detached sleep apnea dogs that detect heart conditions autism alert an allergy alert dogs ptsc do your research before you make a video on service dogs there’s a lot more disabilities that are not visible to the human eye

  2. All types of dogs help but these especially are amazing! Thanks for bringing some awareness to this as well!

  3. do not make a video like this unless you are going to name all of the different types of service dogs like I have a anxiety alert service dog

  4. I am trying to find out where I need to go to be able to get a guy dog I am legally blind and have had a mild stroke and I have som balance issues sometimese

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