4 Ways To Recycle Clothing Into Dog Sweaters

4 Ways To Recycle Clothing Into Dog Sweaters

Here’s what you’ll need!


4 Ways To Recycle Clothing Into Dog Sweaters

Winter Hat

Old winter hat

Cut the top of the hat off using scissors.
Cut 2 small circles in either side of the hat to make arm holes.


Old sweatshirt

Cut the sleeve about halfway up the forearm.
Following the seam, cut the arm away from the body of the sweatshirt so you’re left with a tube; clean up the edges if needed.

Baby Onesie

Old baby onesie

Hold the onesie up to your puppy to determine how long it needs to be.
Cut the bottom off of the onesie using scissors.
Trim the length of the sleeves, if needed.

Cozy Socks

Cozy socks

Cut the feet off of the socks using scissors, keeping just the ankle section. Cut each of those tubes in half to create two squares of fabric.
Pin the right sides of the fabric together to secure. Use a needle and thread to sew up the sides, leaving a hole on each side for the arms.

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  1. These "sweaters" shown in the video are for 1 time only ….. (((
    After 1 time of wear – it will be all torn apart and unusable.
    If you have an old sweater – take the WHOLE sleeve and cut it ABOVE THE SHOULDER SEAM to preserve the fabric from breaking.
    Then keep the whole lenght of the sleeve because this will create a "turtleneck" affect for the dog – my puppy love it!
    If the sleeve is too tight – you need to make a cut along the seam to make more space for puppy’s neck.
    To create holes for the paws – you’ll need to experiment ( I used several sweaters before I got it right )) ,
    but in general the edges of the legs openings need to be protected from shadding too.
    Another thing is that the edge of the shoulder covers little dog’s butt nicely, but the part that comes from under the arm of the sweater – needs to be shorten too because it usually gets in the way of a dog’s peeing )).

    As far as sweater’s fabrics – 100% cotton is a nono….. 100 % warm wool is a nono because it might be too itchy.
    What I found after experimenting with dozens of sweaters – the synthetic streatchy fabrics work the best and interestingly enough, they are still very warm.
    My puppy has sweaters of all imaginable colors!
    sorry for the grammar, but I hope it helps someone who is looking to create sweaters for their pups and not just for 1 wear))

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