5 Grooming Must-Haves for Manly Men

If you’re an average guy, most likely your grooming regimen consists of soap and water, period. Okay, there’s usually toothpaste and deodorant in there somewhere, too, hopefully. On the other hand, with the rising popularity of the humble beard, the use of shaving cream is not necessarily a given.

When was the last time you took a shower? Shaved? Used any of the following: toothpaste, deodorant, soap? If you’re like most guys, the answer is probably either today or yesterday, at the very latest. However, if you’re also like most guys, your answer might be different for say, aftershave, body lotion or hair conditioner. If you have a beard, are bald or both, you’ve got a decent excuse for not using the aftershave or conditioner but what about the lotion? Somewhere along the way, terms like “manscaping” and “metrosexual” may have given basic cleanliness and grooming a bit of a bad name among the more testosterone-laden crowd. However, just because you smell good it doesn’t mean you have to turn in your man card. Practicing good grooming also doesn’t mean having to traipse into one of those brightly lit, brightly colored, heavily scented body product stores your wife or girlfriend likes to spend hours browsing in. What it does mean is using a few basic products on a regular basis to keep yourself healthy and smelling good. The following five products are must-haves for any well-groomed, manly man.

* Body soap. Getting clean isn’t going to happen without soap. While any bar soap or body wash will do, Rod’s Royal Treatment has a new body wash called Wash Water. This stuff is packed with aloe and olive oil, and will get you clean but leave your skin hydrated. Also, there’s none of that residue that makes using bar soaps so annoying.

* Body lotion. Do you know what your largest organ is? It’s something you expose to the elements on a regular basis. If you guessed your skin, you’re correct. The thing about skin is that it gets dry, flaky and itchy, especially in harsh climates. Basic exposure to wind, heat and cold can leave your skin chapped. The best way to keep your skin smooth and hydrated – and not itchy – is to use lotion. You don’t have to admit it to anyone, but lotion also feels pretty good as it soothes and smoothes your skin.

* Shaving soap or cream. If you don’t shave, you can skip to #5. For everyone else, keep reading. Reality is, scraping your skin with a sharp object is hard on your face. Shaving soap or cream makes the whole process a lot easier and less traumatic for your skin. For a couple days’ scruff, a cream will do fine but if you’re doing serious mowing, go for shaving soap. Whichever you use, look for products with shea butter, witch hazel or vitamin E.

* Aftershave. Not using aftershave is like washing your classic car without waxing it afterwards. Aftershave helps calm, moisturize and protect your skin. High-quality aftershaves containing ingredients like aloe and cucumber can also help improve your skin’s appearance – and who wouldn’t want that?

* Shampoo and conditioner. Remember Fabio? No? How about Robert Pattinson? (You know, the guy who played the vampire in that movie your girlfriend dragged you to?) These guys had great hair – and great hair doesn’t happen without a little product. A good shampoo keeps your hair looking good and smelling good. Conditioner actually makes it possible for you to comb your hair and keeps it looking healthy. It can also help stimulate follicles which encourages new hair growth.

While sometimes it can be hard to find mens grooming suppliesFree Articles, putting the effort in to find products you like that work for you is well worth it.

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