5 Must-have Accessories for Gardening, Especially in the Summer!

5 Must-have Accessories for Gardening, Especially in the Summer!

Here are 5 things I have been wearing in the garden for many years. I’ll share with you why I wear them. Let me know if there is something you like to wear too!

Here is a little more information on:

Soil Related Bacterial and Fungal Infections, (this site may require you to register for free access, sorry ’bout that!). After you register, copy and paste this address.

Eye Protection:

Ultra-violet and Blue Light Aggravate Macular Degeneration

Sun Clothing:

Here the gloves I wear


  1. Oh wow…do I break every one of your rules 🙂 I take my shirt OFF when gardening to get some sun, never wear a hat, put on running shoes with no socks usually, but when I roto till I do use steel toed boots and socks. Gloves? Mmeh, sometimes yes mostly no. Nice video though and REAL GOOD advice! Now if only you could get your viewers to pay attention and follow your advice…… Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. do you have a video on companion planting or beneficial insects?
    bugs freak me.out but I’m trying to learn which ones are okay to be on my plants!

  3. I guess I’m a nature weirdo. I have all you mentioned. But, I seldom ever use them. I’m 49 and yeah…I got some sun spots but not too many wrinkles from the sun. I always drink a high antioxidant smoothie before I head out there. Hoping that helps some. The only thing that goes on my face is coconut oil…or homemade soap. I don’t use sunscreen. In the early spring or late fall (at least the last year or two) I wear boots because of so much rain. But, barefoot or sometimes flipflops are my thing. LOL We all got our ways, I guess. I wear the least amount of clothes I can get away with given it’s a fenced area or some areas pretty private. I’m no beautiful body either. HA But, nature doesn’t care. I wear gloves when I remember to. Not often though. I have long nails. They don’t look nasty or anything. But, I do have an OCD thing with washing them a lot. So, maybe that is why.

    I loved your perspective though. I have them…but, I just never remember to use them all the time.

  4. Beautiful images of the garden, Donna! I’d definitely wear tall boots if we had snakes like that slithering around!

  5. Being a macho man I went out to cut a bunch of chives the other day. My hands stunk all night long even after washing them numerous times. I would occasionally wake up during the night and smell those chivey hands. I’m going to sissy up and start wearing some gloves for harvesting especially hot peppers. Made that mistake a few years ago…
    Thanks for the great video.
    Have you had any problem with striped cucumber beetles yet ?

  6. That was really a nice video! Informative and fun to watch. I use all of those when I’m outside in the garden also. For me, the gloves and shirt also help protect my skin from getting irritated by plants. "Fuzzy" plant leaves like tomatoes, sqaush, etc. make me itch! Thanks!

  7. Great video! Hope you don’t have snakes that big to contend with. The only reptiles I’ve seen in our garden are frogs.

  8. Such BRILLIANT advice 🙂 I LOVE wearing my big straw hat too 🙂 thanks so much for sharing and sending heaps of love and happy growing from Ireland XXXXX<3

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