5 MUST HAVE Car Accessories on Amazon! 2017

5 MUST HAVE Car Accessories on Amazon! 2017

The COOLEST Car Accessories you never knew you needed!


5 MUST HAVE Car Accessories on Amazon! 2017

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**********Amazon (US)*************

Navdy: http://amzn.to/2nj9MNC

Automatic: Connected car adapter: http://amzn.to/2njfoYt

KaliPAK: http://amzn.to/2njgPGa

Carbage Can: http://amzn.to/2mq8OBP

Fobo Tire Plus Pressure Sensor: http://amzn.to/2lI66bU

**********Amazon (International)*************

Navdy® – Look Forward while Staying Connected

Automatic: Connected Car Adapter, Engine Diagnostics, And Crash Detection, Compatible with Amazon Echo

KaliPAK™ – A Portable Solar Energy Generator By Kalisaya

Carbage Can

Fobo Tire Plus Pressure Sensor


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  1. If you’re traveling far enough to need a solar panel and a 38000Mah battery, you’re going to need food and water as well. This will add a lot more weight than it’s worth in my opinion. It’s also clearly not meant for car use.

  2. gadget number two : " you can even clear the light yourself and save a trip to the mechanic" as if clearing the light clears the actual problem. what a stupid shit

  3. I really like the kali pak! That would really come in handy for any "off grid" situation. Also, I’d like to have it in case SHTF…

  4. a garbage can…… for your car…..
    FOR…… YOUR……. CAR!!!!
    ah yes i’m going on a 500km road trip let me just pack myself 12 0.5l watter bottles SO I DON’T DEHYDRATE and 124 sanwiches wrapped in 14 kubic meters of aluminium folium and 213 snacks SO I DON’T STARVE….
    now where would i put all those trash awa……YOUR CAR IS NOT A TRASH CAN. YOU ARE IF YOU NEED THAT SHIT!!!!!
    improve your diet, save yourself from cardiac arrets

  5. 5:46 background music is ripped from audio jungle without a license, if you listen you can hear their audio watermark LOL

  6. I was here for the video; but before the ad was done – I too decided I was done with the video & just here for the hilarious comments LOL

  7. I love the navdy device because even though I’ve got a 2016 Honda Accord, it doesn’t have built in navigation and I love the hand gestures, speedometer, etc. Too bad it’s $500.

  8. They can’t even get the grammar correct in the video and I’m supposed to trust them with my car and electronics? LMAO

  9. @2:35 Automatic helps you do that without being a back seat driver. @2:39 it learns your driving style and gives you AUDIO QUEUES when you do things like accelerate too quickly. OH OK. COOL MAN.

  10. How about learning how to drive right instead of connecting your phone wich doesnt belong anywhere near you while you drive, to your fucking car

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