5 Reasons Why Regular Pet Grooming is So Important | Mittens and Max

5 Reasons Why Regular Pet Grooming is So Important | Mittens and Max

Pets also need grooming of their hair and nails, just like humans. This doesn’t only make them look good but this will keep them healthy as well. Other than that, there’s a lot of reasons why grooming pet is important.

1. Regular Grooming Keeps Your Furkid’s Coat and Nails Healthy
Brushing and trimming is essential for long-haired dogs and cats, but it’s also incredibly important for short-haired breeds. It removes tangles and dirt and, when done regularly, prevents your pet’s hair from getting out of control and unclean. Regular nail trimming is crucial too, to keep your pet’s feet pain-free and in top condition.

2. Your Pet can Move Freely Without Being Restricted
Your pet’s coat and nails should never be allowed to get into a bad state. A matted coat causes pain when it pulls on the skin; it also hinders movement and creates a breeding ground for parasites and skin infections. Similarly, your pet’s nails should always be kept short and neat to avoid them getting caught, split or torn out.

3. Your Pet Will Look Adorable With a Shiny Coat and Trim Nails!
Professional grooming is of course important for your pet’s outward appearance too. Shampooing and brushing help to stimulate the natural oils in your pet’s coat to leave it looking glossy and feeling silky-soft. Neat nails and a tidy haircut on a regular basis ensure your pet never looks unkempt or unloved.

4. Professional Groomers can Check for Signs of Poor Health
Groomers can help spot fleas and ticks, skin complaints, lumps, injuries or problems with the eyes, ears and teeth so you can then seek veterinary treatment ASAP.

5. Regular Grooming gets Your Furkid Used to Interaction
This is helpful for both socialisation and emotional wellbeing. It’s important your pet knows how to behave when meeting new people and being touched around his face and body. When he’s groomed regularly, he’ll become comfortable with all the fuss and you’ll both feel more relaxed when meeting strangers or visiting the vet!

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