8 Things You Should Know About Service Animals

8 Things You Should Know About Service Animals

Service dogs are incredible and Jessi shares her appreciation for them by letting you know how to act around them, what not to do, what to do, what’s legal, and how much they’re loved by their humans.

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  1. I am a service dog handler and this is an amazing video! Good job Jessi, and thank you so much for spreading the word about this very important topic!

  2. Ah yes, they are so amazing.. I can definetly recommend watching "Dog’s Best Day – George" here on youtube.
    Its about 11 year old Bella and her service dog George, the great dane! <3


  4. I’m getting a service dog soon! It’ll be for my panic/anxiety. I don’t know if they can be trained to help depression, but I always feel less sad if I have an animal around. Unfortunately for me, my anxiety is so bad that if for some reason I miss my meds, get an upset stomach, or something else, I will have a disabling panic attack. There is nothing my family can do but watch. I heard that dogs can help alert and stop panic attacks before happening, and that’s why I really want one! I won’t feel so scared in public. There’s so many places I can’t go because of anxiety.

    I know when I do get a service dog, I will allow people to say hello and possibly even pet. I know lots of trainers hate this, but I personally wouldn’t mind. My dog would be helping me feel better, and if I’m okay that day, why not let others feel better, too?

  5. All of this is so very true, I don’t have a service animal, nor do I now anyone who does, but I work in a shop where service dogs in training often go by and even come in. They are all beautiful and though I’d love to give them a good scratch behind the ears and tell them how smart they are I understand that they are concentrating on their work and should not be distracted.

    All working animals should be respected and left to do their work, though if you do need to appreciate them, tell the owner how wonderful they are without distracting the animal.

    Also, I think it’s ridiculous how some people feel they can pet animals without an owner’s permission, always, always, always ask. You do not know if an animal could have any issues that could prove dangerous to you, so why risk it?

  6. I work at a zoo and we have a walk through lemur exhibit. We let wheelchair and medical equipment in, although this is slightly hazardous to the lemurs, but what could I do if a person with a service dog tries to come through? I know the dog will be well behaved but the lemurs would go bazurk and might try to attack the dog…

  7. so, i have a quick question i was wondering if anyone can answer. Don’t service animals need to be leashed/harnessed? i ask this because we had a gentleman come in (i work at McDonald’s) with 2 dogs saying they were service dogs and proceed to let them run around in the lobby as they pleased with no leash. wouldn’t any service animal need to stay close?

  8. Thank you, Jesse. While I don’t have or need a service animal myself, I always try to be courteous and understanding of those who do. I work in retail at a grocery store, and we get plenty of people who come in with their service animals. And it always drives me nuts when other customers and even my coworkers interact and try to pet or love on them, especially when they are clearly wearing a harness to signify that they are a service animal. I always make sure to ask if they are, before I interact with them. It’s hard, because I and many other people love dogs, but it’s not worth risking someone’s life. Thank you for spreading this information.

  9. Nice video πŸ™‚ I have a question on birds. I always wanted to keep a parrot but I am against caging it or clipping its wings. Could you please suggest any suitable arrangement ?

  10. Wonderful video. Much needed as too many people don’t understand proper etiquette around service animals.
    The only things is it sounded a bit like you were advising someone to never interact with either member of a team while they are working. As far as I know, you can safely interact with a person with a service animal as you would any other person you happen across on the street. Talk to them if you need to. (but that rarely happens. I’m thinking of things like, "You left your wallet back at the restaurant.") Interacting with the animal is still off the table.

  11. real question: what if a taxi driver were severely allergic to dogs? how should they respond to a service animal? it’s an enclosed space, and the dog would leave hair/skin cells behind, which would make the driver’s work environment toxic to them.

  12. I always say treat a service dog in public like you would treat a piece of medical equipment. You wouldn’t touch, stare at, draw attention to, or mess with someone’s oxygen tank, wheelchair, or walker. Same with a service dog.

  13. Just a correction for this, the only legally recognized service animals are dogs and horses, monkies and other animals can be assistance animals, but arnt legally allowed to accompany their handler in public spaces. Otherwise wonderful video though!

  14. I live in the same town as where The Seeing Eye is! I have always loved growing up and seeing all the trainers/owners/ dogs all walking around together learning as a team! They truely do some incredible work and these dogs always amaze me. Being able to see how these dogs focus and really have the best interest of their owner at all times. I have seen Colleen and Joplin in my town a couple of times! They seems like they are going to be a great team/match πŸ™‚ You can really tell that Joplin has all her focus on Colleen!

  15. If you want to see someone acting poorly around a service dog (even after being told not to) Drew Lynch posted a video recently.

  16. Seriously, if anyone with a service animal is told they’re not allowed in a restaurant, call a lawyer. Immediately.

  17. I thought that I would be watching something interesting when I first clicked on this video but it’s not…

  18. I work in a safaripark where we have a bunch of animals that are not trained for interactions with dogs, and dogs are prohibited in the park. Do you mean to say that we are not legally allowed to say no service dogs even thou taking one in to the park would present a real danger to the dog and could cause a lot of distress with the parks animals.

  19. a psa to anybody who wants to appreciate service animals without interfering with their work: there are so many service dogs (and other animals) in training on social media! you can follow instagram accounts from trainers and teams. that way, you can see how things work without interfering with the way a team navigates the world, and you can express your happiness about them in a way that’s not going to reach the animal until and unless their human is in an appropriate situation for it. if a person feels comfortable sharing their experience working with an animal, they can use the internet to do so without distracting the animal

  20. My pigeon is an emotional support bird.my raven is a service birdtrained to help me while im on my wheelchair, he flys out and back to me.

  21. I work in a store in a small town, and we have many people who bring their dogs in to the store. I hate this, but like you say, we are only allowed to ask if they a service animal. I don’t recall ever seeing a true service animal in our store, some are such small puppies it isn’t even feasible. I wish we had some recourse, and I do wish that they were required to have id for their animals.

  22. Thanks so much for this. I *constantly* have people coming up and patting and distracting my diabetic alert dog even though he wears a vest and is clearly working. It’s such a pain, because it takes him ages to settle again once he’s been distracted. People distracting him is actively degrading his training.

  23. How about training the animal to allow being petted? Can’t this be something they are trained to do when given a command?

  24. Thank you for saying theirs other service animals other then dogs
    America isn’t the only country

  25. Oh the self-control needed when I see a pit service dog is monumental! But I just smile.
    A brain tumor caused me to begin having seizures. My dobi/lab mix at the time somehow trained (without training herself) her foster pit/rott puppy to recognize the signs. Several minutes before seizure activity my now 70lb pit/rott will ask me lay down and if I don’t will put me on the ground and lay on me until it passes.
    One dog that my husband got me as support (I have no sense of time passing anymore) to get me up several times a day (to take him potty) is a chiX (never, after rescuing 300+ dogs did I think I’d have a "yappy" dog) began alerting when my blood pressure got high. My 6 pack of dogs have taught each other these things.
    Trained dogs would not go so quickly to the extreme of knocking me down (for seizure) or nipping (for bp). Please don’t think I’m comparing them to trained service animals (for example they have to be ok with strangers and other animals).
    Nothing but love and respect for service animals!

  26. A friend of mine’s husband has a diabetic alert dog they’ve trained themselves! A little whole ago the dog alerted to her (it’s her husband who has type 1) turned out she is pre-diabetic (showing signs that she’s likely to get type two diabetes) and the dog picked up on it.

  27. I was wondering if you could do a video on how to clean a cage and make it safe for a new bird, especially if, say you didn’t buy it brand new, or a previous bird, died within it. How would you go about making it safe if your planning on getting a new bird.

  28. Unfortunately, the modern times has seen people taking advantage of legitimate service animals. People are using that "I don’t have to show you my documentation" rule to bring their misbehaving pet to businesses. Then the is animal runs amok and the business is left with the fallout (cleanup, lack of return customers, etc).

    Real service animals are a blessing to those that need them, and I always love seeing and human and animal work together. That’s why it frustrates me when people take advantage. These bleeping people hurt the reputation of real service aninals, and therefore make life more difficult for those with real service animals.

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