9 DIY Projects For Cat Owners

9 DIY Projects For Cat Owners

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  1. This is really old, but do you also put the shelter up on bricks to keep it off the ground? I heard it helps keep it warm.

  2. In areas where it has wetter seasons, straw is a warm alternative to the fabric in a stray cat shelter. It stays drier.

  3. I live in Michigan and have made many stray cat houses, some similar to what you showed. The problem with a blanket in cold weather is that it will retain moisture then freeze, maybe to the cat’s fur. Use straw, not hay but STRAW, (around $4 per bale) straw does not hold moisture, hay does. Pack it full without compressing it too much and the cat will burrow in and make a warm nest. Straw is also good to pack between the two coolers as it is good insulation. I’m going to try a couple of your ideas, probably the scratching post first..

  4. Its not a good idea to put cat shelters in the philippines cause children will just mess it up destroy it or take it home

  5. I Made that cat shelter from crate and cardbox, but the towel keeps missing. Greedy heartless steal them.

  6. I watched this video 2 years ago when i had my first cat and told myself that im going to try this next week.
    2 years later, im watching this again and told myself that im going to try this next week.
    Will edit this comment 2 years from now that im going to try this next week.

  7. I’ll be straight to the point here, most of the ‘houses/hammocks/etc’ that they show are too small for full-grown cats of any type, it only suits kittens, Look at the Cat hammock for example, if you look at the frame were the cat leaps up into it, you can see its three times smaller than the size that cat would need (minimum) to fit in it, and if you are thinking about doing these ‘houses’ for your cats if they are of any large-sized cat breed (Eg. Ragdolls, Mainecoons, etc) DONT, the cats won’t go in it unless you make it much larger for the cat to have a proper house to rest in, and they try to make it look properly sized by putting kittens instead of full-grown cats.

  8. So in the first one i already see my cat claws getting caught in the nail while scratching veemently on the ropes.. nope!

  9. Straw (vs blanket or hay) may be better for bedding in a stray cat house – supposedly won’t stay wet or get moldy.

  10. Do not put pillows/stuff like that into feral cat houses. They absorb and hold moisture. Use hay/straw istead. It os better isolant and stays dry for a long time

  11. Straw inside of outside cat boxes! If the cushion gets wet via a wet cat or rain or snow gets in the cat will be cold and worse shape. Straw is a great insulator and does not absorb water easily. That is what
    Y it is used for farm animal bedding too.

  12. Flower as the base for the Snacks seems unheathly to me. Cats don’t do great with grains.
    I liked the idea with the little tent tho

  13. Good thing you didn’t use straw for the stray cat shelter oh for goodness sake who would choke their cat with straw

  14. Great video, well done. I watch quite a few craft and dyi videos and majority are tacky and useless. I have two furry babies, spoilt rotten and am going to give a couple of your ideas a bash

  15. An additional suggestion for the feral cat shelter. Place the opening so it is facing away from the wind, if possible. The cats will find the opening, no problem.

  16. Heads up on the stray cat house- you do not want to use blankets. It’s best to use straw. Blankets can get wet and mold very easily and become disgusting over time.

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