9 Signs You Take Care of Your Pet Completely Wrong

9 Signs You Take Care of Your Pet Completely Wrong

Why are so many of our pets overweight? According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 60% of cats and 56% of dogs in the US are obese or overweight. Of course, no pet owner would purposely make such grave mistakes when it comes to feeding their furry friend. Nonetheless, there are several things you should avoid so that your pet will be happy and healthy!

Do you know, for example, that you should never give your pet human food? A lot of the products we humans eat contain too much salt, sugar, artificial colorants and sweeteners, and fat. All these additives are extremely harmful to pets.

Feeding your pet from a plastic bowl 0:49
Giving your pet human food 1:46
Giving your pet too many treats 2:47
Not considering your pet’s lifestyle and age when feeding it 3:40
Free-feeding your pet 4:27
Interchanging your pets’ food 5:27
Giving bones to your pet 6:19
Giving your cat too much tuna or raw fish 7:08
Giving milk to your pet 8:05

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– While plastic bowls are inexpensive and convenient, they’re not the best for your pet’s health. Both cats and dogs can develop different allergic reactions to plastic. On top of that, some dogs like to chew on their bowl, which means they risk ingesting pieces of plastic.
– Dogs can develop serious health issues if you let them have avocados, garlic, raisins, chocolate, mushrooms, peaches, or grapes. Most of these products are just as toxic for cats too.
– If your cat or dog gets treats too often, they’ll lose their appetite for their everyday nutritious meals. This can result in pet obesity.
– Just like people, dogs and cats should be fed according to their age and lifestyle. Younger animals need to eat more often than older ones since they need more nutrients for proper growth.
– Dogs especially can’t control how much they eat when they see food. Their instincts will scream at them to gobble up everything they find on their plate. This problem is less prominent in felines.
– Surprisingly, there are those who feed dog food to their cats and vice versa. Interchanging pet foods will lead to serious health complications.
– Pets, especially dogs, love bones. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you should feed bones to them. It doesn’t matter if these bones are from pork, poultry, fish, or beef.
– Tuna can be used as a treat every now and then. But if you turn it into your cat’s everyday diet, this will cause malnutrition. What’s worse, a tuna diet may lead to mercury poisoning.
– Believe it or not, neither cats nor dogs should be given milk. If, for whatever reason, you have to bottle-feed a newborn pet, you should buy a special formula for puppies and kitties. Cow milk isn’t a good substitute for their mom’s milk.

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  1. "most of this products are toxic for cats too" wasnt really helpful -.- what of these?, why not point them out for cats too … The whole video is more about dogs

  2. I have one question, is it all right to give my 2 year old female cat chicken as well as cat food?Please answers this question.

  3. I’m doing the right things for my real life cat and my dog Plushies: Kira,Memphis Oakley and Pooka The Cat! You can see them on my channel

  4. I was searching "can baby cats can take care of themsleve?" cuz my aunt dont want to take care of cats anymore

  5. My cats mostly only eat chicken and their normal food and tuna that’s basically all they eat but sometimes they get into the table on top of it and they eat stuff that we left out

  6. I also have a ginger cat under my car (I’m 17 and I have a car deel with it) and I give the cat some food I didn’t think about having it as my cat do you think I should keep it as my cat

  7. I have a pet trantula and feed it cockroaches and I need to go outside to get cockroaches to my trantula and also my trantula is a Mexican red leg

  8. my dog is a blueheeler and knows his own complete diet.we leave him a full bowl of food and water 24/7. since he heard he was a little over weight (keyword:little) hes been watching whar he eats. he also hides and sais no to treats for later. though he hardly ever eats them.

  9. Woww this video was great!! I would like to add here that we shouldn’t drink cow’s milk too.. Like any other animals is enough and healthier for us to drink only our mother’s milk during the childhood and stop right there with the animal milk, starting to consume plant based milk, like soy, rice or almond milk. My channel is all about the animal cause and everything we can to to our planet and the animals, including our pets. I’m Brazilian but I post some videos in English regularly. I hope you enjoy my content! Love from Brazil!

  10. We use the free feeding, but my dog doesn’t eat it all in one sitting, she is quite slim. Is there something wrong with her?

  11. Is it normal that my cat thinks its a wild animal like a rabbit or a deer or tiny like the size of a mouse

  12. THATS NOT A PLASTIC BOWL IT’S A SILICONE RUBBER BOWL 1:23. I have those for camping and they are food grade and harmless. It’s the same stuff that dog toys are made from.

  13. I keep giving Princess Catfood to my cats but they dont like it.. They like dogfood better.. What should I do??????

  14. Thiamine is vitamin B1. Cobalamin, usually as cyanocobalamin when added as a supplement, is vitamin B12. Your video mis-identifies thiamine as B12.

  15. Wow, I totally didn’t know many of those stuffs… I’ll definitely avoid plastic bowls for my cat from now on, I won’t feed her with too many snacks if she doesn’t do anything that makes her a little bit more active, I also didn’t know pets can also have allergies… And that worried me to death. I’ll take her to the vet more often, even if she doesn’t like it! Omg, that means I’ve been treating her badly all this time. I feel so bad about it.
    I’ll do better just for her.

  16. I still using pets plastik bowl but as stooll to a saucer to make it steady.

    I’m using coffee saucer as plate so the cat don’t have to bend so low when they eat. Looks more convenient to me.
    Also put a plate mate 40x60cm on each, keeps the floor clean.

    I also put a glass bowl into plastik bowl, fill it with some water.
    So when the cat drag their drink, it wont spill on the floor.

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