9 Signs You Take Care of Your Pet Wrong But It Can't Complain

9 Signs You Take Care of Your Pet Wrong But It Can't Complain

Why are so many of our pets overweight? According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 60% of cats and 56% of dogs in the US are obese or overweight. Of course, no pet owner would purposely make such grave mistakes when it comes to feeding their furry friend. Nonetheless, there are several things you should avoid so that your pet will be happy and healthy!

Do you know, for example, that you should never give your pet human food? A lot of the products we humans eat contain too much salt, sugar, artificial colorants and sweeteners, and fat. All these additives are extremely harmful to pets.

Feeding your pet from a plastic bowl 0:49
Giving your pet human food 1:46
Giving your pet too many treats 2:47
Not considering your pet’s lifestyle and age when feeding it 3:40
Free-feeding your pet 4:27
Interchanging your pets’ food 5:27
Giving bones to your pet 6:19
Giving your cat too much tuna or raw fish 7:08
Giving milk to your pet 8:05

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– While plastic bowls are inexpensive and convenient, they’re not the best for your pet’s health. Both cats and dogs can develop different allergic reactions to plastic. On top of that, some dogs like to chew on their bowl, which means they risk ingesting pieces of plastic.
– Dogs can develop serious health issues if you let them have avocados, garlic, raisins, chocolate, mushrooms, peaches, or grapes. Most of these products are just as toxic for cats too.
– If your cat or dog gets treats too often, they’ll lose their appetite for their everyday nutritious meals. This can result in pet obesity.
– Just like people, dogs and cats should be fed according to their age and lifestyle. Younger animals need to eat more often than older ones since they need more nutrients for proper growth.
– Dogs especially can’t control how much they eat when they see food. Their instincts will scream at them to gobble up everything they find on their plate. This problem is less prominent in felines.
– Surprisingly, there are those who feed dog food to their cats and vice versa. Interchanging pet foods will lead to serious health complications.
– Pets, especially dogs, love bones. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you should feed bones to them. It doesn’t matter if these bones are from pork, poultry, fish, or beef.
– Tuna can be used as a treat every now and then. But if you turn it into your cat’s everyday diet, this will cause malnutrition. What’s worse, a tuna diet may lead to mercury poisoning.
– Believe it or not, neither cats nor dogs should be given milk. If, for whatever reason, you have to bottle-feed a newborn pet, you should buy a special formula for puppies and kitties. Cow milk isn’t a good substitute for their mom’s milk.

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  1. Well I always give left over chicken or turkey to my cat and nothing bad happens to my cat and she also loves her milk and she’s 6 years old there’s nothing wrong giving milk to cats.

  2. My bougie kitten refuses to eat out of any bowl, and will only eat off a glass plate. Also he eats human food suchas chicken, fish, carrots, or beef but I or someone else in my household cook it for him without adding any seasoning, and mix it into his kitten food. It’s the only way we can get him to eat his dried or wet kitten food and he’s a very healthy happy kitten.

  3. I call bs on "free feeding" and used those timed feeder..i "free feed" my pet’s meal because she doesn’t eat all her meal at once. She nibbles on bites throughout the day. By the next morning, her bowl is empty and she eats every bite of kibble. I only refill the bowl when there’s little to no food in her bowl.

  4. Oh I have to free feed my cat. I half full the bowl but still. She needs me with her when she eats :< she was trained by her owners who abandoned her, to eat ONLY when the owner is there. I feel bad, but she’s slowly learning to eat without me 🙂

  5. To anyone looking to improve their pets health and have the extra income to spare, do your research and look into a raw diet for them. Done properly its the best diet for them. If you can’t do this I’d recommend wet food instead of kibble.

  6. I had a cat several years ago. I bought a black rubber bowl from a feed store. I used to fill the bowl and let my cat free feed. The bowl could hold a 40pound bag of cat food. My cat was aloud to go in and out and I made sure he had plenty of everything. Thanksgiving day he got ran over.

  7. I have put water out for my cat since it was little (He is now 8)and I have yet to see him drink any!I have to be sneaky to stop dehydration by mixing it with his packet food to make the gravy runnier. Yet he will drink milk and loves to finish off my porridge in winter..He loves my bolognaise sauce and the occasional snippet of steak I’ll share with him.Always in a metal or porcelain dish
    He wanders off for a few days then eats about 2/3 packets, some crunchy cat food and a treat or 2,rests in the house then goes off again.Other times he calls in the house for 3 meals a day,depending on his mood,the weather etc

  8. Free feeding works great for my cat because he eats a little when he is hungry. A full bowl lasts for days, he knows that the food won’t disappear and only eats when he needs to.

    We monitor his weight so he won’t gain unnecessary weight.

  9. And for some reason, dog treats manufacturers have decided that it’s a good idea to make chew toys out of plastic! i.e. Nylabone, which splinter and can tear up a dog’s gut! DO NOT use them!!!!

  10. I give both my cats one treat a day between 8-9 pm when I take my own medications. Now they remind me when treat time is, and I remember to take my pills. I put their treats near my pills in a cabinet they cant get into.

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