1. Ethically, pugs and other smushed face dogs probably shouldn’t be a service animal bc of breathing issues in their breed

  2. I’ve been told that my boy is a fake because he doesn’t always listen….like he will pull or I will have to tell him to do something more than twice

  3. I sent a lot of your videos to my friend who claims to be training her pet to be an ESA. I thought I could teach her the difference between ESAs and PSDs by sending links. Hope she will learn.

  4. Also I want a dog for my Service dog, but I’m wondering if I should as I go on Vacation a lot. Including places like DisneyWorld. But I’m wondering if I should. As I go on lots of roller coasters, and Do lots of stuff. I want it for ADHD (which I checked was still a disability to the Ada). If anyone has any tips pls let me know! Thank you!

  5. //The last one is false as hell. You CAN bring ESA dogs or animals into a public place. And they CAN wear vests if the owner so chooses just so the owner knows. "Hey, I have debilitating anxiety and having my animal here prevents me from having a panic attack." Yes they can still deny them but that doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed in.

  6. Hi I want to thank you so much you were absolutely right on on every point. I do volunteer work for the ADA.
    It’s become so bad when people just go on the internet and they buy these cards that show the dog’s face and it says service dog and then they have another card with your face and it says Handler and what happens is that all the stores think it’s real and they expect it from every other dog which is not cool I’ve had so many access issues because people are asking me for fake ID. Yes it makes it easier to go into stores with cards and vest and all that but I can spot a fake a mile away and I would say out of all the service dogs I see where I live 90% are not service dogs they’re fake service dogs. Thank you for bringing light to the subject again I appreciate it

  7. I think there should be something required to be on the dogs so some people out there don’t get the wrong message about you bringing a pet versus a service dog. Some people pass non-service animals off as real ones when they’re really not a service animal at all. Which is why I think something should be required, some kind of certification and something they wear. You should have something on your dog to mark that specific dog as a service dog. That’s because you’re going to have some people out there who don’t know any better you might actually be young and just don’t know and then there are idiots out there who try to discriminate. Yes, you should vest your dog and I think we should all speak to our supreme courts to make that a requirement for the safety of you and your animal

    Another thing I think should happen is the enforcement of the shutdown of these other places that pass non-service animals off as service animals. That would open the door to require certification for real service dogs

    Emotional support dogs

    I knew someone who since died and he had serious depression. He had a paper from his doctor giving him legal public access. I remember in his earlier days of taking his dog places, but there were times I had to babysit in order to keep the dog calm. Then there was a time when I sat outside the store while the owner went in because the dog didn’t yet have that paper from the doctor. When he got the paper from the doctor is when the dog was allowed to go in with him as an emotional support dog. All he had to do was have a copy of that paper from his doctor for that dog. What’s beautiful about this situation is this dog was allowed to socialize with passersby when the owner was feeling up to it. Emotional support dogs are actually allowed as long as you have the backing and a paper from a doctor

  8. I would like to train my dog to be a service dog, How do I know what to train her? My parents are going to help train her, I have autism, and PTSD. What does she need to learn to have public acess? Can’t you train them on your own? My family can’t offord to pay $15,000. My puppy is a shihchon and she’s 7 months old.

  9. See I wish I would have known about all of this when my landlord MADE me show proof of certification and I had NO idea about the laws. Ugh.. it don’t matter he IS my service dog. I am training him myself [he just learned how to open the fridge yesterday]. He is my back that doesn’t bend, so he pick things up for me… he he me legs that don’t work correctly, by assisting me with mobility of all kinds, he is sooo much more too. I’m trying to learn how to teach him the block method. Do you do that?

  10. I have a SDIT that is a Chihuahua everyone thinks he is fake! They say small dogs cant be service dogs. It is such a lie.

  11. I live in North Carolina. I have a North Carolina registration for my service dog. It is"a piece of paper." North Carolina statute provides for this piece of paper. A service dog handler North Carolina is not required to obtain this registration and licensure. The ADA does not allow states to require this kind of registration. It is however a legal document. The video specifically States than any kind of license recertification papers are bogus. I cannot speak for other states but that is a false statement for service Dog Handlers in North Carolina. There is a piece of paper. It is available through the state of North Carolina. And please understand I appreciate this video but please be careful when you make absolute statements. Your absolute statement that no paper is binding or legal and that they are all bogus is incorrect. My dog, Tiger, is a licensed and registered service dog in the state of North Carolina. He has a North Carolina service dog tag and North Carolina service dog certification. You need only Google North Carolina service dog law to find the statute regarding this. I truly wish other states would follow suit. I chose to have Tiger registered because as the number of fake service dogs out there rise, having a tag and a piece of paper that legally identifies Tiger as a service dog makes it easier for me. Yes, I know business owners legally can’t ask any questions. However, as time moves forward I see that look of exasperation on more and more business owners faces… And I totally get it.

  12. Idk about ESA taking advantage of whatever I have an ESA only becuase my phycologist said my insurance doesn’t cover service dogs buy honestly idk all about that but I trained him and still to help ne with my black outs. He actually plays a big part in my life. Not only if they are also considered a dog that gets no fee for housing I consider is more then just an ORDINARY dog. ESA THERAPY SERVICE DOGS I believe all have a meaning.

  13. I have a service dog and when someone askes me for a certificate or something if I have my DLA then I will show that or I will tell them that there is no such thing

  14. My daughter’s service dog was rasied and trained at a canine assistants nonprofit for special needs. My daughter has a service dog ID picture.. showing my daughter and her dog. She wears this as an ID and he wears it on his vest. It was made after she attended weeks of training with her dog, and his almost 2yrs of training. I do not consider this a FAKE ID. This ID was earned by her and her dog, showing the nonprofit’s name and logo, also emergency phone numbers. Maybe it isn’t the law, but I don’t believe it should be called a fake ID. I think you are sending the wrong message about IDs, some are a legitimate aid in making sure a special needs child is given the access and help they may need.

  15. I have an ESA because I was unaware I could train my own service dog. I live in nice town and have trained her as a service dog but I didn’t have the money to go through the programs. Thanks to this lady I now have the confidence I need to make sure she is more legit. I heard it at a dog park today and will be taking my dog to get a good citizenship test. A lot of my places I go to do allow me to bring her I explain she’s an ESA but she helps me with my PTSD and can I bring her if they say yes no harm done. if we are asked to leave we leave. Which I’ve never been asked to leave because I’ve trained her how to help me. I just didn’t know I could actually GET her certified. I get the tags and certificates because it does make me feel better and more serious about my issues. Please don’t judge me because I’m new and still learning. My dog is very well behaved and DOES do things to help prevent my panic attacks. I’ve taken her to counselling sessions to help me figure out what they are. 1 is when I start to become anxious she’ll give off a small whine to get my attention, if I do not hear her, she will sit up and make me focus on her. 2 she will alert me when someone is behind me by standing and or leaning on my leg. 3: Before a panic attack even happens she will put her paw on my leg and lean into me to hug me or make me hug her. I didn’t train her to do this she did it on her own while I was doing basic training for an ESA as I think all ESA’s should have basic obedience. A lot of people in my town love her and I just want to make sure she is more legit and I was completely unaware that I could train my own. We’ve worked very hard for three years. She does amazingly well. She just needs to be worked in some areas. So I appreciate these videos they have helped me learn a lot. I do not have the thousands to spend on a program and these videos are very nice and relieve so much anxiety. I’ve been training her as a service dog but didn’t know I could get her certified as an actual one. I thought all service dogs had to go through a program. However for my own personal relief I’m going to get her the tags and things she needs. I just me not be so anxiety filled. I will also be talking to my councilor about this as well. Before anyone says I shouldn’t take her out. I actually call a head or ASK before I bring her and explain my situation, they are normally very nice and let me bring her in because she acts how a service dog should act. I just had no idea I could train my own, these videos help and answered a lot of questions, thank you so much for posting them!

  16. It’s weird because Oregon state law books say the Esa are the same as service animals. They say is kind of of a grey area and if you have a medical condition like ptsd or depression then that Esa would have public access. It’s weird I hear a lot of people say what you say that Esa are not service dogs bit why would these official government documents from Oregon say they are??? So confusing.

  17. Hey, first off I just want to compliment your gorgeous dog! Also, thank you for being proactive and helping to educate the public regarding service dogs. I do want to point out a few things. ADA covers people in the United States. Although some/most countries tend to refer to the ADA for guidance regarding how to handle service dog issues in their specific countries it should be pointed out that places like Canada for example do have requirements that differ slighty from ADA. For example, in BC in order for a service dog handler to be protected under the UK Person’s with disabilities and Human Rights Act must be registered. When someone in BC wants to use a service dog and enjoy the freedom and access allowed they first must pass the Public Access Test. Upon completing the Public Access Test they ARE issued Government issued registration and a service dog ID card. I worry that your information to this respect might be confusing and cause access issues to people that actually do have this form of ID and chose to produce it as proof of registration. Also, as part of the ADI Accreditation process all service dog programs MUST provide identification to teams that have successfully passed the program to use as proof. once again, this could cause confusion and access problems for people that have actually gone through an ADI Program to get their service dog as you are saying there is absolutely no registration or documentation required, and anyone that provides documents has either been scammed or they are faking having a service dog.

  18. You niece has a seizure alert dog & my roommate takes seizure meds for nerve pain. Well several times now when we go over Gigi will kinda follow them both around… crazy how smart she is at just 2!

  19. hi,

    ive been diagnosed with depression and my depression triggers anxiety around interacting socially with people and makes being in public and going to school stressful.

    I think i would benefit from my dog being with me and being trained to ground me whenever im stressed so i can refocus. Im already starting to train her to ‘look at me’ even with distractions, and want to eventually lead to training her to sit in my lap to be a comfort that calms me and focuses me in stressful times.

    she would be trained, so this would be considered a service dog correct? im really unsure in all of this and dont really have any experienced people to talk to.

  20. Thank god i have a aussie service dog and he has a guide vest because i have a diagnose for depression
    And separation anxiety my service dog (sumo) helps find my mom/friends/sister in a store

  21. I’ve been doing a lot of research into psychiatric service dogs. I have severe OCD and depression and I feel that it would highly benefit me. I hope to adopt an Aussiedoodle 🙂

  22. Omg! I didn’t know seizure response and mobility dogs could learn guide tasks. That’s HUGE for me to know. I’m applying to SD organizations and am in the process of getting one. I’m not blind (I’m epileptic), but I do need a guide task. It’s complicated, but usually I have to hold onto someone and close my eyes when walking through certain places. I need this, but didn’t think it was possible to train my seizure&mobility dog a guide task. Apparently I can! I need to learn more about this.

  23. I desperately want a service dog to help with my seizures, its an amazing way to be warned before hand, ive fallen over, banged my head, and chewing the inside of my mouth because i didnt realise i was going to have one. And to also have an amazing animal with you all the time. Nice video too

  24. My SD alerts me to several possible conditions. I discovered she naturally guides me to whatever I need. Example, if I am dehydrated she alerts me incessantly until I stop what I am doing, then uses her mouth to guide me to water.

  25. I wanna get a service dog for anxiety.
    however, my parents dont believe i do. i get scolded alot because of anxiety.
    if i do get a service dog, how would i alert him? i do of stuff when im nervous. like about 5? Im scared if the dog wouldnt alert me as there is such a wide variety of anxiety stuff.
    for example…everytime when i pace about, the dog would put a paw on a knee to calm me down. What if next time i scratch myself? will the dog alert me?

  26. In some states and in some counties there are voluntary Id registries that ARE legal.
    For example I most certainly am not faking my service dog, however I am partaking in the process of getting my ID tag from my county through the government website and requires some form of proof of training and vet records

  27. Also, I just wanted to add this, if the service dog is obtained through the Department of veterans affairs (VA) they are issued an ID card through the VA prosthetics and sensory aids division.

  28. I am a junior trainer at of course a dog training place in Arizona. We have small, clear pockets on each dog’s vest that shows a dog id. Although not having a vest on your working dog is okay, it is better to be safe than sorry, as when people take a look at our vest, they understand the dog is fully certified. Also, the dogs get a Canine Good Citizenship badge that gets sewn onto our service dog’s vest to allow people to know that they are essentially the ‘real deal’ compared to those who abuse the laws by bringing pets into stores and claiming the dog to be a working service dog while the dog resides in a shopping cart. We assure that our trained dogs are in good care, as every dog has paperwork from trainers notes, certification, and owners personal certificates. Of course, most certified dog training places in Arizona do this, without laws instructing service dogs to be vested while working. We just rather not risk it. However, this was a good video, and I am always open to learning more.

  29. I like the bit at the end. I have known more the one case of the hander asking a friend to take the dog out to potty for them . Only to come back with a soda or something. When I tell them that’s not ok they say yes it is. It’s a Service dog. Am like no with them it’s a service dog. With you it’s just a dog and only has dog rights. Witch are bast on not being abused.

  30. 1: knew it 🙂
    2: knew it! :3
    3: knew it!! 😀
    3: ya knew it too!! 🙂
    4: knew it! 🙂
    5: yep I knew it
    6: knew it!
    7:knew it!!!
    8: I knew it!!

    -I’ve done a lot of research on service dogs and hope I can get one soon :)-

  31. You forgot that schools that train service dogs work I dogs often give ideas out. These usually have the law on the back and of the schools contact information. All day they are not necessary Mini schools do this. It does not mean that somebody from a school with an idea from a school had a fake dog. It’s not to be used as an access card but as an information card for their school.

  32. Remember this video is very out dated and hardly any of this applies in 2020 because ESA’s have almost as much access as service dogs just more limited. There are certifications in the U.S. for the different classifications of service dogs. It is best for your service dog to wear a vest and if they are not meant for people to pet to put a patch on them that says so. The vest gives everyone around a warning to not distract the dog (even though they do it anyways) it will also help workers more easily distinguish a pet from a working dog. Please do not think that “rules” five years ago still apply today thank you!

  33. ESA’s actually do have public access rights. Maybe not as much as service dogs but still nonetheless some public access rights.

  34. I do not have a service dog, but I’m highly educated on them. Although I knew everything in this video, it can be helpful for other people.

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