A Crap Guide to D&D [5th Edition] – Bard

A Crap Guide to D&D [5th Edition] – Bard

Joseph makes a dumb Dungeons and Dragons guide for dumb people

intro/outro music is original piece by JoCat

Theme of the Sweg Kingdom: https://music.djcutman.com/track/theme-of-the-sweg-kingdom

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  1. me trying to figure out to write a bard whos weapon of choice is two drumsticks that they use to play percussion on the things around them

  2. I have a slightly insane bard in my party. He cuts of heads, hangs people, but can play music and get people to like him.

  3. What if you want to play a bard to be artsy and make everyone want you but leave em in the dust cuz youre actually asexy and want to watch the sex driven weaklings suffer

  4. Ever heard of the "Bardic knock spell" ?

    *Approach doors*
    And then whatever opens the doors for you gets either bullshitted/seduced OR knocked the fuck out

    Now you have open doors in front of you.

  5. Florence Zeigfeld, one of the biggest names of Broadway history, had an inspiring first show: A large male bodybuilder with oiled muscles and wearing only a loincloth was flexing on the street. It was a huge hit, and is my next bard idea.

  6. People be like "BaRdS cAn LaY dRaGoNs"

    I be like: "Yeah but Draconic ancestry Sorcerers get advantage on boning dragons ding dongs, don’t even come at me with that Bard wannabe dragon bodypillow shit"

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