A Day in My Life + Ferret Care

A Day in My Life + Ferret Care

This is what my days looked like this past weekend lol. I forgot to record a bunch but that was all small boring stuff anywayz. Thanks for watchinnn♡
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  1. I’m planning on asking my mom to get us a ferret for christmas this year! But school season is back, but I don’t know we’ll have school or not, if we do and I get a ferret, is it okay if I leave them alone in the cage for 8 hours then come back and let them do whatever (but I’ll wake up early to feed them and let them drink some water and play with them, as well as clean their cage and all that (if they’re awake I will play with them)

  2. Samantha Pisillo (or any ferret owner) I need help! I’m thinking on getting a ferret (yay!) and I am looking online for food ideas and all I get is either raw meat and dry food, obviously, I know they are carnivores but I don’t know which is better for ferrets, I could maybe do both but if I do, I would need a way to like kinda go in between both and do one or two days meat and the next dry food. What I am basically asking is I need tips, food ideas, what stuff I should get my ferret, and don’t know if I should trust the internet on how to keep my ferret safe and I know you probably have some tips of your own so please help!

  3. I love your set up and I am getting ferrets to I don’t know if you already watch her but I think you should watch pazuandFriends no hate at all and your ferrets are cute

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