1. I also trained my cat for work. She can only be an esa in my home state but because dot has a service animal as any task trained animal, she can ride on all forms of public trsnsport. We travel often enough so it was important that i trained her for public access. Glad to see im not the only one taking the time to train a cat for work. I dont know where i would be without my little sweety

  2. That is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!! I too have epilepsy & my docs want me to get a dog but I have been a cat person ALL MY LIFE!!

  3. How does she have a driver’s licence, if she has seizures?
    Total bull****!
    Or, she’s just breaking the law.
    That’s probably it.

  4. I love him he is your sweetie. So grateful you have him and he has you! As a widow and PTSD etc. my Tiger, she watches me always, I feel like the Lord brought her to me and me to her. -Mike

  5. This gives me hope for cats being more commonly seen as service-able one day. I know dogs can do a lot of the specific tasks and heavy stuff that cats can’t (ie leading the blind) but I feel like at the same time, a well trained sociable cat could not only make a good ESA, but a service animal for people with Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, etc. I don’t know how well they can be trained to detect all of the medical alert tasks like detecting oncoming heart attacks and the like, but that doesn’t mean they can’t at least be service animals for _some_ things one day! I think it’s really dumb the ADA summed it up to only dogs and sometimes miniature horses when it seems like they could designate cats to be service animals in certain circumstances at least!

    And not to mention they can hold their bladder for so long if they have to! Not that they _should_ have to, but if you’re going out for a few hours cats can hold their bladder for up to a day or two, so you wouldn’t have to worry about bathroom breaks after an hour or so like you might with a dog (not that dogs aren’t cool, but it saves on the pickup if your cat is fine and just prefers to wait until you’re home anyways)

    The more I see this the more I wish I could train my cat. I doubt Florida allows service cats, and I doubt my anxiety is nearly bad enough to have a service animal (an ESA definitely, but not a service animal) but my cat… My cat is… Well, it’s hard to train a cat that doesn’t like treats. Or being held. Or cuddling at all, actually. And wants to play all the time every time there is no end to the playtime- I love her just as much as I would otherwise of course <3

  6. Never saw a service cat till now, but as a cat owner myself I’m not surprised he takes the job very seriously. Very very well trained, bravo Symie!

    (Oh, and he’s a very cute kitty too!)

  7. I’m legally blind and I was offered a guide dog but… I am not a dog person at all. I wish there were other animals that could be used in their place as I am not very good at mobility and I tend to stay isolated a lot. I also really love cats. <3 This is awesome.

  8. He’s such a sweet cat. I have a cat named Cloud who’s gray and white. At times, he gets wild and misbehaves. But, he can sense when someone is in distress or isn’t feeling well. One time, when I had a cold and put him in the bathroom before leaving, he sniffed my nose.

  9. Imagine if you can train an emergency support parrot. It’s screeching when alerting for help will definitely grab anyone’s attention.

  10. My brother is unfortunately afraid of dogs including puppies he doesn’t know better, he is qualified for a service animal for diabetes and autism so when we get the money maybe someday we can get him a service cat and train it

  11. He is so cute. I think I saw him squeeze his eyes shut when mommy was talking to him- as we all know, that’s a kitty kiss. How sweet!

  12. Just came across this video I loved it . I just got a 8 week old kitten and live In Ohio would love to turn her into service cat for myself I have fibromyalgia, l have a heart condition where I get overwhelmed my heart rate shots to 200. I also have very bad anxiety and depression. How do I go about getting the training done ? Thanks!!

  13. This is not hate I don’t know the laws of your state but the ada law stated that service animals need to be a service dog or miniature horse

  14. What are the cats tasks? How does she alert that your sugar is low or impending seizure. When he licks your neck how do you know if it means seizure or a diabetic problem?

  15. I suffer from various things and I currently have my cat under the ESA. He’s 3 years old and I would so love to train him he’s very happy for human contact, I would like some help if anyone can help. Should I seek out a trainer?

  16. I googled if cats can be service animals and it said they can’t be service animals but can be emotional support animals

  17. My cat.. which i didn’t trained for amything just sense it when i have anxiety attack and she would come and lick my tears off and hug me (much like a trained sevice dog would do) and I’m so grateful that i found her in the street cold and hungry when she was a kitten…. I am convinced that God has sent one of his angels for me❤

    Btw I love your cat he’s so cute❤

  18. I think it’s amazing that you’re showing that dogs aren’t the only animals that can be service animals. In the future I want to train a cat to be a service cat for my mental issues and everyone I’ve expressed doing this always goes on about how cats wouldn’t be good service animals and etc. But, I wouldn’t want to get a dog because I do not deal well with dogs and do have a small fear of them, even the little dogs, but I grew up with cats and know how to deal with them and absolutely know I’d be able to provide a good life in a cat. Once again, thank you for showing that cats can be service animals

  19. Does the vest not fit him properly? Or he doesn’t like it when it’s around his body? Looks cute as hell either, just curious.

  20. I have bad anxiety and wondering how you trained your cat to let you know when you ha e a seizure! I would love to teach my cat how to tell me when I’m about to have a break down which can last a few hours or a day depending:( going out in public is worse for me

  21. I’m epileptic due to a past TBI and my cat is incredible when it comes to detecting my seizures. I wish my state allowed me to train and qualify my cat so that I could take her out with me, especially since I have to take public transportation due to the fact I lost my ability to drive.

  22. I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I’ve trained my cat to perform services as well. My disabilities are all psych/mental, so mainly he uses interruptions, deep pressure therapy, grounding, etc for my severe PTSD. I was wondering where you got your vest for your kitty? I’ve been trying to find something that says service animal or cat, but all the ones I’ve found say dog.

  23. Serious question I was diagnosed with adhd when I was younger. I now over overthink and get depressed and social anxiety at times. I have 1 year old kitten. Is it possible to train her to be my esa I do have therapist. I’m not really trying to take her anywhere with me but maybe in the future. I just want her to be there for me for now. I think its also because I’m loney.

  24. This is what I found on the web “Unfortunately, cats cannot be recognized as service animals. As of today, dogs are the only animals allowed to be considered service animals. Cats can however still be beneficial companions, and they can be registered as emotional support animals.” And “The Americans With Disabilities Act does not recognize cats as service animals. … But legally, a cat can’t be acknowledged as a service animal. There is a lot of confusion about what constitutes emotional support animals, therapy pets, and service animals.”

  25. Cats are such capable animals. My kitty Poppy knows the five basic commands plus focus and we’re working on harness training. I also am training her to do agility. I am a disabled individual who greatly benefits from the tasks that Poppy provides me. Cats are such important animals! Love you Symie.

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