Acana Dry Dog Food Review

Acana Dry Dog Food Review

The truth is not always want you want to hear, but it’s necessary so YOU can improve the life of your dog.

This food is not healthy at all.

No meal can ever be healthy if it doesn’t contain a single fresh food ingredient. Food that sits next to the detergent in the supermarket and takes two years to go off…. what the hell is it? 47% of dogs die from Cancer (Veterinary Cancer Society) because of processed food diets like this. Fresh food is a necessity, please please please just try some fresh dog food. It’s more cost effective, healthier and just necessary if you want a happy and long healthy life for your dog.

Dog’s are mammals that have evolved to eat fresh food. Fact.

When you deny any living thing, the appropriate natural diet, it’s reduces their ability to be healthy and makes them more susceptible to degenerative diseases like cancer.


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  1. If you are against Kibbles, then maybe making "Reviews" that are pretty much hating on them is not the way to go. You imply that you will make more reviews and also that you are against kibble which means you will only make videos hating on kibble… That is not useful to us at all. Either give a true review or dog food recipes and actual nutrition advise. Making a channel full of "reviews" that are pretty much "kibble is bad" will only accomplish more confusion for us that want the best for our pets. Just one video on why kibble in general is bad should be sufficient.

  2. Thats really confusing as champion are constantly rated the best in the world. I just watched a 20 minute video about how they source ingredients. And they mentioned the meal they use is made from wholeprey as opposed to just bits.. and that its cooked at very low temperatures compared to other foods.

  3. Why are you reviewing all these kibble foods, whilst knowing that you’re going to slam them before you even checked the ingredients? It’s a waste of your time and mine, because surprise surprise the kibble is crap and put your dog on raw. A lot more people would try raw if it wasn’t for people like yourself being so dogmatic about it.

  4. I watched all your reviews, unfortunately all the kibble dog foods you have reviewed are mediocre or unsatisfactory, is their any specific brands or dog food kibbles you recommend highly ? Thank you.

  5. Hi following this!!! Would like your take on fish as a protein for dogs – particularly the First Mate line. Also interested to see your thoughts on Carna4!

  6. So phenomenally un-informed you sound like a paid troll for big petfood. You are not accurate on 1) levels of fresh, 2) rendering process that is specific to Champion Petfoods and 3) their proprietary cooking methods that no other kibble manufacturer has and 4) "nasty additive and preservatives". Reality is, there is no other kibble manufacturer in the world that CAN include as much fresh meats as Champion Petfoods does in their diet – please name one company – just one. And, due to the fresh content and high quality meals they have made exclusively for them they have been able to reduce synthetic vitamin top-ups to the least, again of any other manufacturer. Again, please advise another diet that uses less synthetic additives – just one will do … if you are going to publish a YouTube channel as a dog nutritionist please make factual statements and not publish a nearly 5 minute piece so full of SO MANY errors … unless you have another motive perhaps …

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