1. Keep all your paperwork on you, be respectfull of folks with allergies , please do not abuse the rights of those with legitimate trained service dogs. We depend on them for our safety , it is not that we want animals to travel with us we actually depend on the skills they have! I fear that because of the abuses I see that I will loose my vital trained assistant. This is serious, please be respectfull especially on planes.

  2. I think the kid that just got mauled by a service pet will be causing the ones actually needed AND TRAINED to have difficulty .. friend has an autistic son that she is paying to be trained legally. I’ve seen dogs being trained and these r not ones that see a cat or another dog and go toward them at all. They r nice to all people but don’t try to meet them. Not when the vest is on. Cuz they know when vest is on it’s time to work not play. And they never show any kind of aggressive traits. Many vets r getting trained dogs for emotional support and I’m not against emotional support dogs for service animals. But there needs to be testing done on any ones pet they want to be used for this purpose..and if a dogs actions r questionable that they have truly been trained properly and u can’t see a visible disability of person to need the dog. They should be considered a person’s pet and not given the access that is specific to animals that r trained properly for needs. Helen Keller could see that many of these emotional support pets r dogs that couldn’t pass even general commands to sit and stay

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