Adele Monologue – SNL

Adele Monologue – SNL

Adele talks about returning to SNL as a host, how the show launched her career in America and trying her best to not swear on live television.

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  1. I didn’t find anything she said here funny. If anything, I thought it was funny that she said she swears a lot because she’s British…I’m not sure how British people would feel about that. I think she swears to try and make people think she’s normal like you and me, and not "Adele" with millions in the bank. She’s not fooling anyone…she also looks great, but then she looked great when she was bigger too. Maybe if she didn’t cover up so much when she bigger or keep her weight loss so secretive, it wouldn’t be such a shock now. Meaning I think the way Rebel Wilson still dressed in a fun way when she was bigger is cool.

  2. She does look good I will give her that but too be honest I liked her abit thicker . She has always been a beautiful lady in my book . But if she feels better about herself more power to her 🙂

  3. You look great but Glad you made something adele I just now remembered bits and pieces of everything. I am sorry about your book but I’m glad you look happy I hope you are.

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