Adopt This Once-In-A-Lifetime Dog | The Dodo Adopt Me!

Adopt This Once-In-A-Lifetime Dog | The Dodo Adopt Me!

Adopting this deaf dog will be someone’s best decision ever!

Joan Jet is still looking for her perfect forever home! You can learn more about how to adopt JJ by visiting the Mr. Bones and Co website: To help her rescuers save more dogs like her, you can support Mr. Bones and Co:

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  1. My friend recently had a litter with one deaf pup. I so wanted to adopt her but I live on a ranch and I don’t have the time to commit to training. Luckily she found great home with a compassionate couple. Hope this work out for this adorable little angel. God bless for your continued love and caring.

  2. Believe me I understand you ok but I don’t want to make you mad at either just that all my life I’ve helped out all animals cause that’s what I love more is helpless animals

  3. I dont get the problem with deaf dogs. It’s just a management issue, like keeping control by pre-empting situations depending on what your doing. Inside the house its all cuddles and physical contact anyway. 😛

    Staffies (or for USA pitbulls) seem to cop the most abuse of any breed(?) Yet their perseverance and willingness to trust again is why I find them the greatest dogs… sure its a generalisation, but other dogs just seem to lack the same level of passion 😛

  4. A deaf Dog is better to live with a hearing Dog and they can be off leash together. The hearing Dog becomes the ears for the deaf Dog. It makes total sense. I’ve seen it work for a blind Dog with a sighted Dog and the sighted Dog watches out fir the blind Dog. Even deaf and blind Dog’s need to run free sometimes.

  5. My 14.5 year old Pappillon boy gradually went deaf. He has been deaf for about 2.5 years now. I have had to train myself and acclimate more than he has. I still find myself whistling out the door for him and when I look, he is facing the other way and totally in his own world. I have to get him to notice me and then I can use hand signals to get him to come. It is amazing how fast he learns the cues.

  6. As you said, she has taught you so much. This is the beauty of animals, they give so much more than they get given. I wish more humans were like this.

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