Adopting a dog in Allentown PA

Adopting a dog in Allentown PA

This week I thought it would be fun to show off some of the dogs that are available for adoption in Whitehall/Allentown PA at Peaceable Kingdom. If you are considering a pet for your family, consider adopting!

I am a full time REALTOR ® with Keller Williams Realty Group serving Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties. I’m a wife, dog mom to a pitbull and akita, and animal rescue volunteer. Whether upsizing, downsizing, or first-timing, I love helping my clients find their dream home.

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Thanks for watching my silly videos!


  1. My kind of channel, I always want to adopt them all. I have been adopting all of my pets, dogs and cats both for over 25 years… Currently down to one dog and one cat, both adopted. Thanks and good luck!

  2. I love your logo!!! Oh my gosh, these guys are so sweet. My heart breaks when I see these guys who’ve been there so long. What a great thing you’re doing, Trisha.

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