1. You’re the worse. These poor dogs have tough times and you just go just for a video when you didn’t even adopt one. Hope you never adopt a dog in the future because all you would do is use the dog for clout.

  2. It’s very messed up to have made fun of the puppies and dogs. They were all so happy and excited, but you were laughing at them.

  3. half the video was shopping and the rest was you making fun and tricking dog which they were obviously excited to see you

  4. To save ya’ll’s time she doesn’t even get a dog. Like that’s just mean to the dog thinking your gonna adopt them. Also i’m glad you didn’t get one you would’ve killed the dog the first week. Like all you did was buy food. That’s more food than my whole pantry. Also those chihuahua’s didn’t like you they do that to everyone they see. Those dogs probably would be better at the shelter then with you. Like no offense but its true. Yes i know its the pound but still they’re fed and bathed. And not teased by a idiot sticking her finger in a cage when it says do not stick finger in kennel. I’m disgusted. These dogs would’ve suffer a lot worse if they were with you.

  5. If i was at a shelter like that i would littarly buy every pet in the freaking store ( and you just where there and looked and bought food AND DID NOT BUY ANY PETS ) how dare you

  6. Ohh guys look I’m eating my lunch my lunch loook this is my lunch here is burger and fried rices some of u didn’t even saw burger here it is omg

    Meanwhile people – bitch we are just here to watch animals and saving a life

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