1. This is so beautiful, you are a beautiful human being for doing this for Alaska. And even if she had a tough life and a hard medical condition at the end you managed to be help her and bring some happiness into her life, just beautiful….I hope she has a few good years in her, wish all the best to both of you!

  2. A stunningly selfless story, thank you for what you have done for a senior. I have thought f doing the same after my current dogs get older. Your story has really helped me what a challenge it might be. And I love a challenge… Best to you.

  3. Senior dogs deserve to live the rest of their lives in love and comfort. They are so loving and appreciative. Good choice Kat!

  4. Honestly a beautiful story. The change from the start and end was amazing. She started to look younger and even act younger.
    Shes amazing. Thank you for rescuing her otherwise she most likely would have been stuck in that shelter for a very long time and with epilepsy at the shelter I dont think she would have lasted long.
    You came at the right time and you saved her life and soul. I hope you know that.
    Well done ❤

  5. Adopting a senior dog is great if you’re rich and don’t have the ability to fall in love. I can’t afford the vet bills for an aging dog and I can’t deal with losing a loved one when the dog dies shortly after rescuing it!

  6. I usally doesn’t like putting human things on dogs….like clothes etc. But i love the picture of Alaska with reading glasses. It made her look like the old dignified ‘dog wise’ lady she is.

  7. This makes me so happy! Thank u so much for adopting her and putting in the time and effort and everything else to help her have a better life, we need more people to do this. I think people give up way to easily on dogs and don’t want to put in the time and effort before putting them down or taking them back to the shelter. My first dog also had seizures, it was very scary. Thankfully medicine did help a little and she lived several more years very happy!

  8. Wow.. you are amazing, this was your first dog?? Few people are as dedicated or as compassionate as you, I doubt I would have been.. You are truly an angel, to put in that kind of time, on something so new, you must have felt so overwhelmed. Bless you. I was going to rescue senior dogs (when I finished vet tech school) anyway, but now I will always have you in mind.<3

  9. Thank you for being Alaska’s saviour and for sharing your story! I can’t put into words how much it means to see that you stepped up and gave her a chance to keep living a better life for the years she has left. I wish more people would open their hearts and homes to senior dogs, they’re awesome and them being older or a little more fragile shouldn’t stop them from getting lives they deserve.

  10. So fluffy! I adopted my dog when she was 8. Luckily, she doesn’t have any severe issues like this, just little things here and there. My heart goes out to you!

  11. Awwwww! So cute! There’s an apocalypse of puppies and dogs! Edit: Thank you for all the likes guys! ❤️❤️❤️ 1:15

  12. What a horrible experience. Our beautiful German Shepard was with us for 3 short years. She was off-leash and enjoyed the great outdoors with us on every adventure. We had all the brain scans done, no tumor. She ultimately succumbed to her last and final seizure last year before summer =(. It was a heart breaking drive all the way to the animal hospital where she was put down. There was no coming out of this one. Such a horrific experience but she taught our family how to love unconditionally and for that we are very grateful for our time with her.

  13. What am I doing… I’m at work and I’m just watching a video of puppies covered in sand… I better close this before I get fired. 3:55

  14. I adopted an older cat a few years ago. She was pretty much 12 or 13. She also had a medical problem where the hair under her chin fell off every time she got stressed. So it always looked like she was smiling. I took her anyways because she just rubbed on me and loved on me and only wanted to be loved. She was the best cat I could have ever had. I also currently have an elderly dog and she is amazing. Older animals can be amazing. Thank you for doing that!! I know that means the world to her.

  15. I don’t see an older dog here, I see a dog with a lot of life experience. Thank you for telling this story, you touched my heart.

  16. Hi Kat, this is such a lovely story, thank you for giving this old girl the chance she deserved. I’m from the uk and used to work in an animal shelter, and for an old dog, a shelter is just not a good place for them. I’m glad Alaska only spent two weeks there, do you know much about her history? I’ve adopted a few dogs now and it’s the most rewarding thing, seeing the life come back into them once you get them home and settled is just an amazing feeling. There needs to be more people like you in the world. <3

  17. I only adopt seniors, I started with a 9 year old Borador( she is 16 and napping next to me), added a 9 year old Lab( She died of liver cancer at 11) and then adopted a 10 year old mutt from the Caymen Islands in a special adoption program ( he is blind but adorable). I will continue to replace the old ones as they pass so the house is always full of senior pups.

  18. Literally made me tear up a little. You’re such an angel. I really want to adopt a senior dog but at the present moment, my circumstances won’t allow it. I’m very hopeful for the future though 🙂

  19. Wow I literally did not expect to be in tears but I’m actually crying. There’s a little senior miniature pinscher boy I went to see today and… this story really confirmed how I feel. It’s so sad to see the older animals be left to wither away. They still have life until the day they die ❤️

  20. Why should they be happy if they are gonna be sad later?

    The answer is so simple
    Because they are going to be sad later

  21. Just to let you know: Alaska does not have a brain tumor. I tried CBD for a long time but it didn’t work for her and she needs to be on phenobarbital. She is currently at my parents house, they live in the country where she can roam around the garden. It’s been difficult to keep her in my tiny flat because the narcotic drugs were causing panic attacks. She’s doing reaaaally good still! Also – she was in the shelter for 2 weeks only, that’s why they didn’t know about the epilepsy! They did not hide it from me. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

  22. beautiful story, got me right in the feels. I wish the best to you and Alaska so that you can give each other comfort and love as long as possible!

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