Adopting Poe dog at NC animal shelter. Challenger RT Plus supplies for animal rescue

Adopting Poe dog at NC animal shelter. Challenger RT Plus supplies for animal rescue

Adopting Poe dog, visiting Destyn & NC animal shelter in the Dodge Challenger RT Plus with the 6 speed manual transmission and 8 cylinder 5.7 liter 375 horsepower hemi engine. Buying pet supplies for animal rescue.
The adoption of Poe & a visit with Destyn and the Humane Society animal shelter in Charlotte, NC. Pet supplies for animal rescue.


  1. The "clickbait" (Destyn) made my heart skip a beat. So lovely. You two made such a beautiful person together, inside and out.

  2. I live in NC I really want to get a dog. But I know that my parents won’t let me. I shouldn’t even watch these videos. But I’m glad that you were able to adopt a adorable pup.

  3. Nice dog. Jen you might not realise you do it, but you have a real bad habit of driving with one hand and holding the gearshift with the other. Both hands should be on the wheel at all times except when shifting gears, which under normal driving with an engine that size doesn’t need to be all that often because it will pull well from lower speeds in higher gears. Also never steer & change gear at the same time. (I use to work in driver training industry).

  4. It’s amazing how most of the time you see farmgirl in a thong or bekinni love it but think husband is showing us what he wakes up to not bragging is he

  5. EVERYOONE SUB TO THIS CHANNEL BECUSE mostly 100 dogs die a day becuse they don’t have care so these guys just got a dog no no actually

    They saved them

  6. sexy mama that is really nice mama always help no matter what always very nice mama that’s FUCK up how people treat dogs good job mama

  7. Very nice of all of you to give him a beautiful life, he’s very handsome and friendly, hope he’s doing well and mingled well with the others

  8. Great clip. Your dog are awesome. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your Family! I hope you guys will have more interesting clips next years.

  9. i lost my best friend boo in august he w3as rescue from catrina i dont know if i can do it again but seeing you guys in the shelter inpired me to look

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