Adorable Foster Animals Visit San Antonio Zoo | NowThis

Adorable Foster Animals Visit San Antonio Zoo | NowThis

These foster animals had the most ADORABLE field trip to the zoo 😭❤️

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In feel good news and current events today, a group of foster animals touring the zoo has gone viral as fans of cute animal videos and funny animal videos cant get enough of these foster dogs, foster cats, foster kittens and foster puppies visiting the San Antonio Zoo. These cute animals visit the zoo are the latest in a series of animals touring the zoo, like penguins touring zoo, during this time of social distancing. Our foster pets and foster animals friends are just as intrigued by nature as we are, and this adorable animal video is proof that nothing can beat the curiosity and cuteness of a foster dog, foster cat, foster puppy, or foster kitten.

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  1. So Sad that they Enslave these poor Animals for Human Entertainment. Don’t Support Zoo’s. Let the Animals Live in Their Natural Habitats. Freedom for ALL. Awaken to the Use & Abuse.

  2. Wild dog/Painted dogs: Hey you look and I feel like I know you.

  3. I hope they continue this for the animals or something similar to help them after this, like how they did the flamingo runs an the other animals walking through the zoo out of their enclosures.

  4. It said they went to the San Antonio Zoo, but the only city called San Antonio that I know about is here in Texas. Unless that zoo is located in a beautiful forested area, then the zoo is not in Texas.

  5. I think this is good for all of the animals…they get exercise, smell different smells from other animals…enrichment!

  6. They should close the zoos more often so the animals can have room to play and socialize with each other more.
    Zoos can be great for education, but I also want the animals to be happy and their wellbeing put before profits.

  7. Un horror!! Animales presos sufriendo.. Con poco espacio y no poder correr o nadar libres..hipócritas !! De los que pagan para darle de comer a sus maltratadores.

  8. I wonder how the animals habits have changed since the closure. Obviously they’re adjusted to crowds, noise, busy visuals… I wonder how long it took for them to adjust or if it was a happy change in routine!!

  9. I would rather watch watch some foster pups and kitties visiting the zoo instead of going myself.

    Edit:- wait… Why goat?

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