Disclaimer: This video was filmed in Orlando, Florida. Shot at Disney springs. Which is a shopping center. Their policy is only service animals. This meet up had been planned for a while, date set was June 3rd, 2018. We met some really cool people, and learned a lot! Everyone was super nice and it was overall a great experience. Later on in the video we went to a grass patch to let the dogs relax and relieve themselves (go potty). The rottie team happened to walk past this dog who went absolutely nuts, yanking and trying to get at Dexter (rottie). Dexter didn’t react and did his business, while everyone told the handler to watch out. We decided just not to get into it and to leave the people alone, we were more worried about Dexter and his handler than the other dog. The team walked by them again to return back to the group. The dog yanked and pulled and barked again. Once she returned the older woman all the way to the right was shouting at us and recording. That’s when the handler asked the woman not to film the dogs off duty. The woman became defensive and started shouting at everyone about the dogs being there. That’s when we started filming just in case something happened. The handler apologized for asking her not to film. And they got into an argument. The handler then proceeded to tell security what was happening. After she tells everyone that the park is in fact not pet friendly, and that officers were on the way, they split up and you can see the man walking the dog towards the entrance. The security guard aware of the situation, asks the man if that is in fact a service dog. To which the man must have replied yes.. the security couldn’t really do anything at that moment. When we walked over to speak with security again, he said he is handling it, and that the man told him it was a service dog. No clues lead anyone to believe this was a service dog, or even a dog in training. I don’t recommend fighting with people I know it was shown in the video, but if you see something similar to this happening please report it to authorities. It can save someone or someone’s dogs life.

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  1. There are so many fake service dogs that I feel if my pup makes a small mistake or even if she is perfect I feel like people are judging my and staring because they don’t know what actual sd are Because there are so many fakes

  2. The dog at 7:46 looked to be in training too and seemed playful. I feel like any dog or person that isn’t your friend or fan is a "fake". You go after people being being rude about your dog or disability but then do it to others. You also train in public too yet when others do it they’re breaking the law. You dont know there situation and they dont know yours, you labeling the dog aggressive can be harmful and just rude on your part. It wasn’t a situation until you made it one.

  3. I’m questioning if these comments make sense.
    Well actually, *some* don’t even make any sense.
    Well, I’m trying not to start an argument but…we have already had a lot of people point out the bad things they said and stuff.
    And this was made about a year ago- so please stop with the ‘Pointing out the bad things’ comments.
    I’m not supporting the actions she did that were horrible, I’m just saying. I hope someone sees and replies to this comment to see what they think.

  4. I can’t speak up I start Loud and then I get silent again and my dad makes fun of me for it and that’s why I have social anxiety

  5. Seriously if your service dogs can’t handle a situation like that maybe your service dogs arnt that well trained honestly there is people out there with a lot worse conditions just be grateful that your aloud a service dog with your condition cause in most countries your not

  6. The security guards can’t do anything because of the law. As you say they only have to ask 2 questions and don’t have to have proof. What I don’t understand are these videos that people with service dogs get very mad for even being asked and yell about we don’t need proof by law you can only ask me 2 questions but then you get mad because they don’t throw them out. They can’t, he said it was a service dog and the task he can’t call him a liar. You will unfortunately never win this one.

  7. Wow you guys are bullies. As a disabled person with a service dog, I wish I had your problems if the problems that you get upset about are this petty.

  8. To be honest, this makes me really mad. XD
    I have a very reactive dog and when friends come over we put him in two cages to make sure our friends are safe. We never bring him anywhere, sadly, but its what has to be done to keep him and them safe.
    So seeing this makes me think.
    How could I, a child, be more responsible than them, adults?
    I know this dog might have just been excited and got a little carried away, but even so it’s an only service dog place… sOoOoOoOo….. uMMMM just sToP xD

  9. Good you filmed them, that Dog was definitely not a trained Service Dog. Fake Service Dogs are an issue. Hope when I go on Vacation my Service Dog Daisy won’t have any issues going to places because people Fake SD and cause problems for the rest of us.

  10. The rottie: am try the grounding in dis car stuff sound fun *starts squishing lexi*


    rottie: seem tu be work

  11. Ok my wife and I both have service dogs one being a seizure alert dog for my wife who has grandma seizures. And my service dog is a psychiatric service dog I have bipolar adhd PTSD. There is a such thing as a service dog in training .ok if the dog was acting aggressive as you all say it was it was not shown in the video. But anyway if it was then maybe just maybe they need to have a professional service dog trainer train it or see if it is even capable of being a service dog see not every dog can become a service dog by the way I dont know if you guy know this but look up florida statue 413.08 this goes for any body who doesn’t know the right and laws of a service dog and there handler also look up the ada laws and or rule for service dogs thanks

  12. I love the leash!! I work at a VCA animal hospital I used to have one just like it but I lost it. Really love your videos, they’re really helpful for me and my own husky SDiT, she’s training in psych and light guide

  13. Brah the ladie in white was clearly reacording or taking a picture of you and the dogs after you had the first argument

  14. If you cared about your service dogs being around a "dangerous" dog you should have just left and grabbed a security officer. You all made this escalate by bantering with the family. Your dogs feel every emotion going through that lease. For your the safety of your dogs and everyone around you perhaps you should rethink where you train. Also your title is misleading. The family wasn’t harassing you.

  15. Personally, if I had a problem with a fake service dog being around me which I understand should be an issue for all. I wouldn’t try to confront them which could be risking my safety, I know from some of the comments that I read that you said it was harder for you but you were getting better but I personally would just report it to the closest security or if needed ask the person to leave my area because it was putting me and my dog in danger!

  16. I completely agree with you guy getting rid of the dog, as it was clearly a fake, but I didn’t see any real aggressive behavior, you said he was pulling in the leash and whining. I don’t remember if you said he was growling, but the whining and pulling sounds more like excitement than aggression. I could be wrong I wasn’t there, but from my point of view it didn’t seem aggressive. Love your vids anyway!! This was just my opinion, and it’s not meant to be malicious.

  17. When I see a fake service dog I AVOID it and tell a worker for them to handle it. If the dog comes up to me I pick up my German shepherd puppy Goose and tell them this
    “What tasks does your dog preform, going after real service dogs and paying no attention to their handler and putting me in danger?”

  18. Honestly it wasnt that dogs fault the owners were obviously retarded didn’t know how to take of an animal or obvious cant read the rules

  19. Just a question would dokota bark with aggression or growl if somebody tried to stop her from doing DPT or just trying to hurt you in general

  20. Do you other people were Commenting about her saying sorry autism she has that’s not her it’s one of her friends she says it in one of her new or videos

  21. Would it be considered a service dog if he detects and helps prevent my panic attacks? Question because I actually might need one

  22. This girl acts like every dog except for hers is a fake. It’s so annoying. You’re talking about how they shouldn’t train their dog in a public place but in MANY of your videos you are training in a store, mall, park, etc…. And also, you just seem to cause unnecessary drama where ever you go.

  23. When a human attacks a human at will be put to weep but when a dog attacks a human its put to sleep. Even though its the humans fault! We don’t deserve these amazing animals! If you cant take care of your dog then give it to someone who can. My rant is over… for now

  24. Even if the owner isn’t right for bringing their dog there, you shouldn’t act any better cause you have a service dog. Not hate, but you praise it for some reason. I know that it’s important but it seems like you try to interact with the problems “following” you. And your friends too, having a service dog isn’t cool so stop acting like it 🙂

  25. Not to be rude but please tell me your disability I’m curious and confused I promise to not be mean about it

  26. I love how brave yall are while taking to others when confronted by others abt my service dog my anxiety kicks in

  27. Why do you have to be so rude and complane about people like omfg it’s a dog probably in training so stop being rude because you don’t no what there going thro

  28. I can’t wait till I get my dog. We were originally getting a golden retriever but we have had Rottweilers our whole life and decided on getting another. Your videos have helped me understand so much about owning a service animal.

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