Aging Dog? Natural Tips To Treat At Home

Aging Dog? Natural Tips To Treat At Home
In this video Dr Jones shows you the most common dog aging related disorders, along with the most effective natural remedies.

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  1. I love your videos but a supplement with msm sends major red flags… I took it and within days I had the worst migraine of my life… Suspected it, quit… It went away. Several months later hearing another holistic person push it on us so I try only to have excruciating migraines again and the longer I took it the harder it was to get rid of the headache. Your poor pet cannot say "hey human you are making me sick with headaches" and there is an alarming number of people who have the same reaction as myself… It builds up in your system quickly and toxicity is quicker than you realize. PLEASE for the love of God don’t sell or suggest that for a dog!!!

  2. I’ve heard that Castor oil is a really beneficial aid on eye problems especially cataracts, is this something i can try on my dog ?

  3. Omg you don’t look over 45 years old. Happy Birthday to you. I need to know what to do for my blind dog. He also is getting Alzheimer’s. I hope you have time to read this. I love your videos. Thank you so much.

  4. Thanks Doc your the best, I’ve learned a lot from you especially for my 14 year old cocker who has an ear infection "yeast" it’s still reacuring no matter what. What’s the best I can do for him. Thanks again.

  5. Very interesting thank you. I have an eight year old Rottweiler (Eric). Fortunately he seems quite healthy and vigorous at the moment. I am going to try the probiotic yogurt and some raw meat/bone. The only thing that worries me slightly is that it might upset his stomach because he is not used to raw food, but I will try a small amount first. He does seem to have a hot spot on his right paw, in between his claws, which he chews and really makes it sore. He has had all sorts of tests at the vet, including a skin biopsy, but they couldnt find any reason for the itchiness. I have started giving him an antihistamine, cetirizine 10mg, he weighs 47kg, one tablet once a day and that does seem to have helped. I have started bathing his feet regularly with green tea, especially when we come back from walking. I am using your suggestion for cleaning his ears, which seems to be helping him, he doesnt shake his head as much.
    I understand that since this video you have lost Lewis, I’m sorry to hear that.

  6. You look good for 50 and such a help re my rescue dog Flynn I think as he is quite old I will up his doses of glucosamines and flax oil but can I give him anything for pain? Thanks Sally

  7. KUDOS to you for educating people on proper nutrition – species appropriate balanced raw diet (AKA NO KIBBLE) !! 🙂

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, 50 is a breeze.. keep up the Great Blessed work you do…Louis RIP, sorry for your Great Loss.

  9. I love your couch, no, I WANT your couch! LOL Seriously, I just adopted my 11 years old Sheltie a few months ago and this video was very helpful, especially the part about diet. I am saving this video for reference. Someone had sold her at a garage sale just because she had a terrible flea infestation. I am so glad that she was bought just to be taken to a shelter that would take care of her and then allow me to continue as her BFF!. I am so blessed. Someone took time to train her properly when she was a pup and she is loved by everyone in my Senior Community.

  10. Hi, I am trying to find out why my old dog stinks..It’s more like an ammonia smell, apparently not urine as he does not urine on himself, he goes outside like normal..It all started when they put him on steroids, the first 24 hours he pooped 7 times. one time was inside in the middle of the night and the smell was so strong it woke me…The smell was strictly form his poop at that time but now it is him/his skin or something…..a bath helps for a day but the smell comes right back and worsens as time goes on…..They said he had lymphoma so they put him on steroids…I had to stop giving them because he began barking at me all the time and nothing I do seems to help..he was up and down all the time…pooping all the time, eating all the time…He was more able to get around and wanting to play, still has bad hips though and cant climb …..I couldn’t deal with it 24/7 so I decided to ween him off the steroids  ..Then he began to stink the same stink I first smelt the same night from his poop that he got at his first steroid dosage ….It is like a chemical smell. I assumed it was from steroids but its not going away.. It is beginning to make me feel sick like some perfumes do and I cant take it…They said the steroids are like hospice and im just trying to keep him comfortable until he passes…some say he is living on love all I can do is be with him…Im not so sure he his that much ready to go, he still is alert and curious, eats, loves to be around other dogs/people and all that…..maybe he is in pain I don’t know.. Thanks for any advice..I don’t know what to do and it hurts to think of putting him down because he stinks not knowing if it is his time

  11. Happy Birthday! I changed my senior dog’s diet by almost eliminating kibble and saw a miraculous change. She is playful and bounces like she did when she was a puppy. Just makes me wonder about the garbage the dog food industry puts into food. Thank you so much! I love your updates.

  12. Thanks Doc, my girl is pushing 16. I have never had a dog this long and it’s been a beautiful experience. She has had a bit of a rough time. She was hit by a car around 3 it broke her leg and that has bothered her from time to time. She had a ear hematoma about the age of 11 and the a stroke around the age of 13. And last week because her eyes have gotten so bad she fell off a step and broke a tooth. All in all she has been a real trooper. Over the last couple of months she has decided that she is supposed to pee in the house, and she as been eating less and less, sleeping more and more. I have never had a dog this long in my life and I don’t want to fail her. She don’t seem to be in pain but her lack of interest in eating worries me.

  13. Veterinary Secrets My dog has Old Dog Vestibular Disease stemming from a fall where she jumped off the bed and landed on her neck face first and was screeching once it happened. I thought for sure she broke her neck. She quickly got cataracts, loss of hearing, vomiting, eye twitches, fainting & at times her back legs give out or she can’t walk straight. She is 15 years old but it all stemmed from this accident. My vet is out until July 9th and I’d rather take a holistic approach to this anyway. She also pants for no other reason then when she’s in pain (I’m guessing). Any suggestions? Thanks!

  14. Hey doc can u give advice my dog is 15 years old and he started bleeding threw his nose I have a younger male dog who is always jumping on top of him so I don’t know if he hit his nose? He was bleeding a little then it stopped for about a week today he started back up. Do you have an idea that could help

  15. Happy B day, Dr. Jones. You weather your years very well. Thanks for all the videos that help us to help our dear furry friends.

  16. Thank you for this video! I’ve noticed that my dog has been aging faster in the past 2 years. BIG is a 9-1/2 year-old athletic crossbred (German Shepard+rottweiler). He’s healthy but is starting to have all sorts of little "bohos" here and there. It’s part of the process… Question : Can’t we just put grounded flaxseeds in the food instead of the oil? I am afraid the oil may affect their poop. Salutations from QuĂ©bec!

  17. That is so funny that you could wear that birthday hat and be so serious… You are a caring person, but you are also very funny. Keep it up!

  18. My 12 yr old Chihuahua was spayed 5 mo ago I am very upset that this happened she had no sign of pyometra but sdma was 16. I never saw the blood work, I hesitated for 2 mo and got 2 opinions. The 3 vets didn’t sway. She’s very thin she eats and drinks. I need to go to a different vet since I am upset with the 3 vets. I am going to give her CBD oil to see if she puts on weight.

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