All Organic Homemade Dog Food Cooked By The Sun

All Organic Homemade Dog Food Cooked By The Sun

In this video, Dan from takes you along as he prepares a great all organic homemade dog food recipe cooked using the power of the sun.
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  1. Great idea. I cook rice and chicken for my small dog. I also had wild kittens that are not so wild since they get kefir in the day, and the rice and chicken. Two let me touch them.others are still shy. You know it’s a miracle for them when they lick your I haven’t gone so far as the abundance of ingredients. I just wanted to get their bones warm on cold days. Take care.

  2. Oh my God, this primitive way to cook dogs food takes foreverrrr, why not using the stove it took all the day’s sunlight to cook the dogs food and the dog looking the food starving.

  3. I would grind up the egg shells and feed them as a source of calcium, or add a calcium supplement…Also adding ground organic flax will help with Omega 3’s. You could also grind your chicken while its raw with the bone in and then cook it, or feed raw…(for added calcium) A meat grinder would be a good thing to have on hand…Great video though! Loved the sun cooker…Very cool.

  4. She’s such a gentle eater! You clearly care a lot about your dog, you should try raw! She’s very lucky to have you as an owner

  5. my dog’s name is Happy too 🙂 and i cook the same only on the stove without eggplant but will add eggs thank you nice video

  6. very very nice and creative way of preparing food for dog. I am sure she likes it. I wish i was a dog….

  7. Wonderful video, thank you for sharing. I am interested in trying this for my two pups in bulk and canning the leftovers for use over the week.

  8. Cheers for the video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried – Parlandealey Pets Yummy Process (search on google)? It is a good one of a kind product for discovering healthy recipes for dog food minus the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my best friend Jordan at very last got astronomical results with it.

  9. thats great i love it , i my self have a German puppy and i would love to home made food for him , he’s 8 weeks now and would like to know the measurements of how much i have to give him.

  10. I tried this for my German shepherd,hunter. Except I used an oven on low.she still was an amazing recepie. thank you!

  11. Nice video. I would skip the broccoli though . . . and I would crush up the egg shells and toss them in there.

  12. Where did you purchase the solar cooker at? How much did one of those cost you, if you don’t mind me asking? I started cooking for my dogs a little over a year ago after watching a netflix special about what types of ingredients commercial pets food contain ("Pet Fooled") and it made me sick to think I had been feeding my beloved dogs that junk, so I started preparing their food 2 or 3 times a week in a large crock pot and making enough to feed them throughout the week and whatever they didn’t eat the first day I would put them in freezable ziplock bags and freeze them. To be honest I think it is actually cheaper for me to prepare their meals because before when I bought commercial dog food I would always buy the so called "good stuff" and for a single can of this stuff it would cost almost $4 a can and I have 4 dogs 2 pit bulls a schnauzer and a chihuahua poodle mix so they would go through at least 3-4 cans a day so approximately $16 and for the kibble I would spend $74 for a 18lb bag and they would eat a bag and a half a week so that was 6 bags a month at $438 and $480 a month give or take a little for the can dog food. So approximately I would spend $918 a month on dog food but I never noticed how much I was spending because I would never bought it all at once, I went twice a week to the pet store and spent about $100-115 twice a week on their food. I am utter disbelief now that I did the math and figured out how much $ I spent on my dogs THAT was more than my families grocery bill! If someone doesn’t believe me then do the math yourself I would only buy the brand "Castor and Pollux"for my dogs! Anyways now I spend about $65 a week on my pets buying what ever meat is on sale at the local store mainly chicken leg quarters, chicken legs in family packs, ground turkey or beef, chicken gizzards or hearts, beef liver or tripe, or what ever might be on sale or what ever type of meat that has been in my freezer for too long for us to eat, then a big bag of brown rice, oatmeal or quinoa and I buy a big bag of frozen mixed veggies or I’ll add sweet potatoes apples or what ever veggie isn’t fresh enough for us to eat in my fridge (besides tomatoes or onions I know those aren’t good for dogs) or I have growing in my garden and then after its fully cooked I add 2 large tablespoons of minced garlic 1 bunch of finley chopped parsley and a teaspoon of tumeric and mix it up and they eat it up like there is no tomorrow! I’ve also noticed they seem healthier now that I make their food . Also I’ve noticed I’ve been able to save a lot more $ in my savings account so hopefully sometime real soon I’ll have enough money to purchase our own home instead of renting! lol! I don’t want to imagine how much $ I spent over the last 8 yrs since I’ve had my pets I probably could owned a home a long time ago!

  13. Kudos for the Video clip! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you ever tried – Parlandealey Pets Yummy Process (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for discovering healthy recipes for dog food without the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my best friend Jordan finally got great success with it.

  14. How nice of you to cook food for your dogs. I cook for my dogs too and they are healthier, happier and it adds years to their lives.

  15. I always remove h eskin from Chicken nd urkey and ha keeps he dogs slimmer, I have 48 years experience and find ha h eskin is no good hanks

  16. Why bother cooking it ? The dog would be better off with the raw chicken , bone and all , with the carrots and raw eggs ,shell and all . My dog ,130 lb German Shepherd , gets the same thing but with some raw beef thrown in as well .

  17. My dog… they told me she has cancer and will have to do chemo. She already eats mostly rice and meat but hates vegetables. I hope I can make this in bulk for my dog. She’s very picky with her food though, give her the same thing everyday and she would rather starve herself.

  18. Love this ! I Have Two Dogs and I Like to make alot of Dog Food, and Freeze it in Daily Doses.. I wonder If you could Use a Bigger Roaster Pan ..

  19. Your dog would really do better with raw chicken drumsticks. Raw bones are fine, cooked bones splinter. I do cook rice and steamed veg for my dogs too. Been feeding barf for more than 10 years with few vet bills. Well done for avoiding kibble.

  20. I don’t care what it cost for my dog to eat the healthy. I use to spend $60 to $70 a month on one bag of holistic food grade kibble for my dog. to me it’s cheaper to make his food.

  21. I like the sound of feeding my dog something healthy like that and that was a super way of cooking it thanks a lot

  22. Nice !! Very healthy natural food for your dog!! And you know every drop that is in it being confident your doggy can live a longer healthier life 🙂

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