AMAZON MUST HAVES YOU NEED! *Quarantine Edition*

AMAZON MUST HAVES YOU NEED! *Quarantine Edition*

Galaxy Light:

Pink Bottle:

Skin Care Fridge:

Bow Hair Bands:

Jade Roller:


No Crease Hair Clips:

Canon Remote:

Dog Stairs:

Sound Machine:

Face Massage Video:


My Vlog Channel:

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  1. Mayra I usually really love your videos but this video was definitely not your best. I love watching these types of videos because typically there’s something really useful but your video was more of a "puras mensadas I brought from amazon". Other than the cannon remote and maybe the rose quartz roller, the items you mentioned were definitely not "must haves". Just like the skincare fridge and the dog stairs wouldn’t be considered must haves. As one of your subscriber’s I’d consider must-haves to be some tech like things that help you when you film or take pictures. Maybe some beauty essentials that you get a better deal on amazon than in a store. Some clothing articles, shoes, or accessories. I hope you take this comment as constructive criticism and we can get some great amazon haul videos in the future 🙂

  2. Homie I wanna be you ordering stuff on amazon but Walmart not giving us extra money so me quedo con las Ganas! TikTok got me wondering with all the amazon finds

  3. They are working regardless of your order. It’s the companies choice as to whether they stay open or close. So order what you want. People are going to complain about everything they can. There are still a lot of us working during this. All we can do is stay as safe as possible. When you are an adult you have to sacrifice for your family and home from time to time.

  4. Girl don’t stop ordering u keeping me busy. I work at Amazon and I am grateful j still have a job during all of this.

  5. amazon is continuing to exploit their workers and supports keeping kids in cages. I highly recommend you look into the stuff that is effecting our community.

  6. Jeje me acavo de dar cuenta que. Mi niña de 8 años tambien te mira aun que yo no entiendo muy bien ingles miro tus videos

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