Amber Ruffin’s Experience with the Police: It's a New Day

Amber Ruffin’s Experience with the Police: It's a New Day

Seth turns over the open of the show to Late Night writer Amber Ruffin.

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Amber Ruffin’s Experience with the Police: It’s a New Day- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  1. I think a lot of people have always cared, but didn’t know what to do. We thought that voting was enough, but it obviously wasn’t. I’m so glad people are finally taking to the streets and maybe after we send this message we can also get men to take to the streets with women to protest sexism as well. Everyone’s lives matter.

  2. They say justice is blind, and your stories prove that’s untrue here, but if we can at least make our justice colorblind, that would be the biggest gift to the sanctity of our nations creed ever given. All people are created equally. A new day, let’s all push for it.

  3. Prostitutes at truck stops are called "lot lizards" by the truck drivers. Random, I know, but it’s just so weird I had to share.

  4. It will get worse. Things always get worse until we reimagine and work to make them better.

    Reimagine. Work.

    If you can, be Amber. If you can, be Barack. If you can, be one of the majority of people in the world who are nonviolently with the nonviolent protestors.

    Resist the state terror that has America in its grasp, even as it steps up its campaigns.

  5. Thank you so much Amber for speaking out about all of your difficult experiences. I’m glad that our mobilization is giving you hope in this fight. Love from Montreal (and the Montreal protest yesterday) <3


    මම බබිල්ගේ අන්ධකාරයට බඩගාගෙන මගේ කැක්කුම පෝෂණය කළෙමි

  7. I’m happy Seth agreed, but a) she should have the whole show and b) if he can’t even act excited about it we have a problem

  8. Just wanted to tell you that YT deleted my comment about the need to protest in defence of human rights of gays, atheists, women and immigrant workforce in UAE and other popular tourist destinations of white and other people protesting in defence of black people in US.

  9. I am aware of the fact that people have died during the protests, but this is the first time that I have heard their names or a number. Thank you Amber, for honouring these individuals.

  10. not to bust the bubble but for all the people saying this should be a show (and not the ones that make us remember this is a systemic problem and most black people have it, witch is good to remember to know what we must fight to change) the idea of making a show from the stories of black people getting misstreated, would be fetichizing their suffering, and in the long run would even normalize and sistemize the kind of misstreatment black people get. Like many other tipes of violence against minorities, they should be treated as violence and unnacceptable and not to be fetishize by the people in power, made money of them, because it dehumanizes them mutch, like the suffering of women in shows, movies and the media. Amber is good enough to share them with us to make us remember, witch we must, but stop asking for exploiting it

  11. Thank you for sharing your stories. It helps.

    I won’t be unfriending racists though; they can unfriend me. I will instead attempt to educate them.

  12. ""I am so shocked that so many people showed up for black people. We’ve been being discriminated against for fun for years, and I didn’t think people cared, or saw…or they knew and were fine with it"
    This has been my heart for the past week, watching all of this. It’s really been such a shock

  13. probably most impactful thing about this story was that as her Caucasian friend was talking back to the cop and Amber was just sitting there doing nothing, her thought was that SHE was going to get killed…. not her friend. 🙁

  14. Story from Chattanooga, which has a high percentage of minorities downtown. I was driving in this section 8 neighborhood which I visit clients who are homebound, and I turned the wrong way. At night, things look differently, especially when there are so many barriers (erected the city and the police department mindga) with the reflective yellow markings on them, blinding your eyes. After maneuvering a couple of donuts trying to find the exit, the lights of a hidden police car came on.
    Once rolling down my tinted window, he realized I was white. He asked me who I was, ID, why I was there especially at night, and I told him, I have a right to travel where I want, and I have medical "clients" in the area who need my services.
    He kept scratching his chin, looking at my ID which proved why I was there, but he still wasn’t sure. He told me that there are a lot of drug dealers and buyers in the area, and I’d best not really be in the neighborhood that time of night for my own safety, and that they put up the barriers to make it easier to *corral* people. I told him I wouldn’t be normally, except one of my former clients had committed suicide the day before. He said he was sorry about that, and that drugs drive people to do that a lot..
    I remember telling him that my client walked out in front of a truck.. It wasn’t drug oriented, but depression oriented, considering their surroundings and how they are treated by others, I said with a smirk.I asked if I was being charged with anything, and if I could have my ID back. I could understand his "probable cause", but ordinarily I refuse to show ID until I’ve been informed what I did wrong.
    A person of color or poor white cannot refuse. They don’t have the luxury of constitutional rights. Police know you don’t have the money to fight, and what’s bad is, so do you.
    Yes, black people are treated differently. It’s automatically assumed they are into drugs, they are poor (which many are, but not due to any fault of their own) and assumed they are doing anything illegal any time of the day.
    I would LOVE to see millions stripped from each and every police department to address the poverty and joblessness and mental health issues of these impoverished areas. The only problem is, those who actually make good in life, leave those neighborhoods for the cycle to continue with other families. Of course, it would help that section 8 housing isn’t barricaded like it’s in the middle of a war zone.

  15. Ya’ll know how drunk history opens people’s eyes and educates? I wish Amber would tell her stories more often. Amber is a badass. Fully support a platform where black people/marginalized individuals tell their stories of discrimination while day drinking. Give em some drinks!!!

  16. We had a black lives matter protest in ADELAIDE Australia on Saturday and I went and we were chanting SAY HIS NAME; GEORGE FLOYD! SAME PROBLEM DIFFERENT LAND!
    I SUPPORT THIS MOVEMENT AND WE ARE holding another rally this weekend as we wont stop protesting until real change happens. Thank you Amber for sharing your story as its opened some of my families eyes to what you face everyday. Thank you Seth for using your platform to better this world<3

  17. I’m tired of hearing Trump call the mainstream the "left" the Fox network compared to all the other big network news shows is false equivalency. I think this is part of the picture we see often enough to comment on and push for this to be recognized more if not always.

  18. Point of clarification, James Scurlock attacked a bar owner and was strangling him when he got shot by the man he was attacking. The case has gone to a grand jury to see if charges can be filed. The entire attack is on video.

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