Animal officer harassing Service Dog handler (read description)

Animal officer harassing Service Dog handler (read description)

Please NO negative comments! Read description before commenting!
Colt is a weim/lab
This is not the first time being harassed so yes I was defensive! He had been sitting there staring at us for a half hour and I have had many times previously were I have been harassed! This is why I started recording and so did my friend as soon as we saw him walking up! We were at the park sitting in the sun while my friends three boys played basket ball! Colt was laying right next to me with his vest off, it was laying next to him, because it was so hot (which I have every right not to have him in a vest) but because he wasn’t in a vest I explained to him again that he was a service dog! He said he had to be on a leash! Wrong! the ADA states ‘if it interferes with the persons disability and or task that the dog needs to preform they can control the dog in other means’ he was completely under control not even standing! I tried to educated him again but with my disability it was very hard with him interrupting! The man kept interrupting me saying ‘ID’ over and over again loudly! I starting get agitated! I was still trying to be polite though, saying sir and please! Then he asked what my disability was and I got very upset with the question, its plain rude and since it is illegal to ask and he should know better, plus I have been harassed by them many times before, always it ending with a half ass apology! I just want to LIVE MY LIFE!!!
Side note- when he asked for a license for Colt, after him yelling ID at me I got confused and thought he meant a ID for my service dog (which are not real and is also against the law to ask for) so YES of course I have his license for my county!

He said he would call the police but I did before him because he was violating my rights and when they got there I helped inform them of the laws and they informed him he was wrong! He was all officer to officer (pointing at his badge and at theirs, like that was gonna change the laws and make them be on his side) He tried to write me a warning and have me sign it! I said no I will not sign something that says ‘my dog must be on a leash’ because in signing that it says I understand and agree but it’s my right as a disability person to have my service dog off leash because it interferes with my disability! He yelled at me that he ‘didn’t believe me’ me and my friend were disgusted, you know what I don’t care if you believe me! An it doesn’t matter, it’s the law! The real officers agreed! He left all huffy and puffy! I called his supervisor and he was very upset that he treated me that way and he said that he would be reprimanded and took the warning off my record and changed a few other things the other jerk animal officer wouldn’t do for me! He also wrote a note under my name and dogs license that he does not have to be on a leash because of my disability! I hope my bad experience can at least help bring awareness to some of the finer points to the laws and educate!

Yes I recorded the whole thing but by the time the cops had showed up the lawn mowers and weed wakers that were at the back end of the park (you can hear them even in this video) moved to where we were at and you couldn’t hear anything on the video! He is a animal enforcement officer, NOT a COP.

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