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Animal Rescue fundraising | call 817-876-2758 Now | Dog Accessories Animal rescue fundraising We look froward to hearing from you. Check out our products on the web site. 10% of every purchase goes to help rescue animals.
We have high quality products for dog lovers.
animal rescue fundraising
Our passion is dogs. This company was inspired by one special dog Dakota, aka Bubba. We adopted him from a shelter in Grand Prairie,TX at 3 months old. We walked out of there and he became part of our family and changed our lives and the lives of countless dogs he helped us foster, train, socialize and prepare for their own journey and a second chance at a new life. We’re dedicated to helping those who do just that — give dogs a second chance. 10% of all sales will go directly to help small shelters and rescue groups. So check it out, shop like your off leash! Help us help rescue dogs! – See more at:
animal rescue fund raising
Founded in October 2012, our vision of creating cool stuff for dog lovers to celebrate the bond we share with them has been realized. Our passion is dogs, enjoying their company and honoring all the wonderful ways they enhance our lives.

Another way to celebrate the bond with dogs—all dogs is doing everything we can to help dogs in need. Our company is committed to donate monetary contributions to reputable rescue groups and shelters to help pay for much needed medical care. Every dog deserves a place to call home. We want to make you smile when you see our designs and inspire you to share your life with a dog. Adopt one, volunteer, fund raise for your local shelter or rescue. Make a difference in your commmunity and a difference in the life of animals that need our help. It feels good to give back, if feels even better to help animals in need.
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We’re a small company with big dreams to enhance the joy dogs add to our lives through our designs and we’re passionate about our work and our committment to dogs everywhere.
My vision started several years ago when I wanted to honor a once in a lifetime relationship I had with my dog, Dakota he was my friend and devoted partner. I adopted him from the Grand Prairie, TX shelter when he was 3 months old. We always called him Bubba, he rarely met a dog or person he didn’t like. We shared a deep love and respect for each other and he was instrumental in helping me foster and socialize countless rescue dogs to prepare them for their own journey home–we were just the half-way house. The goal in creating My Lucky Dogz was to help other dogs in need while doing something we enjoyed. Creating cool designs that make us smile with the silly things dogs do everyday and a build a brand to share with fellow dog lovers and the bond we all share with our dogs, past and present.

Our designs are inspired by the dogs we share our lives with. The artwork is created by local Fort Worth artist and friend, Adam Werner.
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animal rescue fund raising
We’re committed to helping small shelters and rescue groups by donating a portion of ALL sales of MLD products.
Most are organizations that do not have funding from anywhere else other than what they raise on their own.
So pick your favorite from the list below or tell us about a group YOU want to support in your community and have that group contact us by e-mail. If our requirements are met, we can help!

** For groups or organizations to be considered to join our Partner Program they must have current 501-(c)3 status and be a reputable shelter or rescue group. Please allow up to 1 week for verification and vetting of organization before eligibility status for fundraising is granted.
– See more at:—Shelter-Partners.html#sthash.aLbZ9kXg.dpuf

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  1. Fellow Human on December 17, 2019 at 10:18 am

    Hey everyone – If you’re interested in providing help for critically wounded animals in need of immediate medical care please visit

    There you can read all about Leo the Stray’s fight for his life and donate if you’re able. The amount of the fundraiser is the exact amount shown on the veterinarian’s invoice that I’ve attached.

    Please help us get Leo all the care he needs. Thank you.

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