ANIMAL RESCUE – I couldn't BELIEVE how BAD these STREET-DOGS looked like BEFORE!!

ANIMAL RESCUE – I couldn't BELIEVE how BAD these STREET-DOGS looked like BEFORE!!

Visiting the puppy puddle in siargao made a big impression on us. The Non profitable organization has helped over 2000 animals on the Island of Siargao and even adopted away dogs to far parts of Europe and united States! Maybe you want to extend your family or simply learn how you can contribute to help animals in need! 😊 In this video I give you all the information you need.

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Produced by: Martin Solhaugen
Filmed by: Martin Solhaugen
Edited by: Martin Solhaugen

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  1. Your doing a good job Martin and Ave. People watching your vlog will be inform about the stray dogs taking cared of an organization in Siargao. Residents are aware of it now. Thanks for the information. Stay healthy, happy and safe always. More blessings and money to come for both of you.

  2. PASKO !!! We are Pasko future parents! We visited the island last January and we donated to puppy puddles . That is when we fell in love with pasko! We have been waiting to have her transported to the US and this video just made our day!!!! I cried because I was so happy to see my future baby so happy ! Thank you puppy puddles !!!

  3. This video is about the power of compassion. I checked Puppy Puddle Siargao instagram page and saw the good work they do. Thank you for choosing to tell their story and the stories of the dogs they care for. Hopefully, this will invite more people to support the organization and bring awareness to a more sustainable way of raising pet animals in the community. Excellent work, Martin!

  4. Thank u Martin for sharing us with this informative inspiring video. We love dogs and got emotional watching this vid. I have one for 11 yrs now!
    You &Ave are a lovely couple, God bless you…

  5. Hello martin n ave,appreciate u feature this kind of vlogg,animal rescue for more awareness that humans need to be more responsible,caring and loving to our animals,,i was able to rescue more than 33 dogs and more than 45 cats..and it feels good that i was able to contribute part of my life to help and save this poor creatures..i hope lots of people will do the same…salute to puppy puddle siargao…

  6. so lucky are those dogs now bcoz they found a new home and some good caring persons. thanks martin and ave for being concerned too. stay safe you both. im your avid fan since i found your blogs. really..

  7. Love for dogs and cats and caring them is a very nice advocacy. Your vlogs is very informative! Kudos to the 2 guys with you. Their heart for animals are great. God will reward them too! God bless you all!

  8. What a noble deed. May this Ngo flourish. It is a much needed work alI over Philippines. More power to you. I like the direction of your vlogs is going lately. Very unselfish.

  9. they are really great giving time and effort rescuing abandoned dog puppies on the road street suppose dog inside thier home love and cared..good job..dos are animals created by God and should bd treated well with love…

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