1. I’m so happy to see these dogs getting a second chance at a better life. So many Pitbull-type dogs get killed every year in shelters and it breaks my heart.
    The negative stereotypes attached to these dogs always angers me, but I choose to stay civil. All I’ll say is that, in my opinion, they are wonderful, loving animals that deserve so much care and love instead of being seen as the inherently dangerous, menace to society that they’re played out to be.
    This can be a step in changing such negative outlook on Pitbulls.
    Augh, I’m sorry. I got a bit carried away. I just love Pitbulls and I’m just so happy to see this.

  2. This is nothing but an attempt to move these dangerous dogs out of a no kill shelter because they can’t get rid of them otherwise.
    This is willful endangerment of the puplic if you ask me. Unfucking believable .

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