Animal Shelters Seeking Foster Parents For Pets Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | TODAY

Animal Shelters Seeking Foster Parents For Pets Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | TODAY

Animal shelters are cutting down on staff amid the coronavirus pandemic and that’s inspiring some people to start fostering animals while they stay at home. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports for Weekend TODAY.
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Animal Shelters Seeking Foster Parents For Pets Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | TODAY


  1. I’m looking to foster a dog. I’m in Massachusetts and have been trying to email shelters but haven’t gotten any responses

  2. Just on a different note. Alot of "posts " going around animals are being put to sleep as "owners" are fearful of getting this virus from them where , infact, its children are the spreaders so why not have them put to sleep. Dont bite my head off. It just enrages me these innocent babies are stupidedly blamed Genuine question! !???!

  3. I have foster bunnies from a local shelter… it’s lovely to have them around until they can find a permanent home.

    Foster, if you can! Especially in these times.

  4. This is a very bad time to have pets or adopt any animals. They are no different than human. However, Dogs, Cats can bring home the virus from next door, street, etc. Guess who going to catch it? The whole family, babies, etc.

  5. I just submitted an application to foster a dog. Been wanting to do this for years, but things were always too crazy. Now that I’ll be home for at least 2 years, I can do it.

  6. It sucks to hear that animals who are at shelters are also suffering along with us. But yet it’s also hopeful cause shelters are reaching out to people to be fosters to animals who are without a home.

    Even if the foster does take in animal is just gives the pet to know what it is like not being locked up in a cage and to be with a family.

    Many animals are out of shelters and in foster families and hopefully those foster families might end up adopting their foster fur baby.

  7. Its nice knowing pets in need are finally getting the love they have so desperately waiting for. The benefits of having a pet are endless. I hope all of the fosters are adopted out once those helping out realize how great having a pet can be. We create video documentaries & have been able to complete a total of 12 rescue stories on our own. Our stories consist of individuals and organizations who either rescued an animal or animals, organizations who rescue, foster or adopt out. Go to  and follow our cause on our Youtube Channel Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project . Help us stop pet abandonment . Thank you!

  8. Noticed all the clean water in rivers, canals and polluted water areas? Animal coming out in the open? Virus made to stop Global Warming? Virus made to show Global Warming exist?

  9. I would gladly foster an animal but would risk breaking my lease. Even if my landlord agreed she would require a $400 deposit. ☹️

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