Anxiety Service Dogs

Anxiety Service Dogs

Hi all, just made this when I couldn’t sleep and it popped into my head. Hope you enjoy.
Lots of love,
Claire and P


  1. Thank you for this. A lot of people assume because Harvie is my service dog I just have anxiety or I’ve been to war which isn’t the case. I have a lot of diagnosis that my doctor said well we’ve tried all these medications I think it’s time we try a service dog and he was life changing for me. He helped with psychiatric mostly but also medical alerts when my sugar gets too low or when my breathing just isn’t what it should be.

  2. I’m not sure but I have not been professionally diagnosed, I do have anxiety, panic attacks, hallucinate (both objects and vouce), and a slight self harm problem. I have tried so many ways to be a le to rid of these problems but it was never any use but I do have a dog that not a service dog but does calm me down. It’s hard for me to be in public when I feel everyone is staring…I have watched and do my research on sd and thought about getting my own but I am unable to talk bc I am scared…so I don’t know how my parents will how can I tell I need one? All the things listed has really effected me in school and public and I just want to know..I have had dogs all my life and feeling that connection with my dogs I would want one to help me when I do fall into a breakdown or an attack in public.

  3. I suffer from Anxiety, depression, ptsd, childhood trama, panic attacks, ADHD, and I’m suicidal. I hate public places and I have had multiple panic attacks or Anxiety attacks.

    I am on medication and am talking to a doctor/therapist, but I don’t actually know if I would qualify for a service dog.
    If someone could tell if these aren’t reasons for a service dog that would be a big help.

  4. I really don’t want a service dog because my anxiety not only hasn’t been checked out yet, but when my dog climbs over me I panic more. I think I just need an inhaler lol. When I get panic attacks I use my brother’s.

  5. I have PTSD from being in the military I have been overly stressed and feel that this maybe beneficial for me. Nobody needs to explain their needs for a service animal. I am 100% disabled and on my paperwork it states that I can have a service animal if desired. I am going to talk to the VA and see where to go from there.

  6. this is kind of related but not really but kind of is? anyway i’m just gonna say it. i have ptsd so i’m getting a golden retriever puppy to train as my assistance dog (service dog outside the uk) soon and i’m so scared that it’s gonna get called a fake. it’s going to be trained to alert to panic attacks, do dpt, fetch medication, and interrupt self-harm behaviours such as scratching and other stuff. do you have any tips on how to deal with this type of confrontation?

  7. Thank you for this video! I’m trying to learn more on the subject and this was a great introduction <3. Lots of love!

  8. I have been diagnosed with Panic disorder, Severe depressive disorder, OCD, and many others, eventually actually being considered disabled after I couldn’t work because of these issues. The doctor’s have tried everything over the years and I finally found the best thing in the world and she has saved my life. I have a service dog and it’s amazing how out of everything I have tried over the years I finally found something to make it seem like those issues aren’t really there much. Yes, they still are, she still alerts me and has many tasks that she performs, but it has changed my life for the better and idk how I would function without my service dog! Thank you for explaining to others that just because you have anxiety or something else does not mean that you need a service dog. Although they are great they come with a big burden

  9. I have depression and I might have SAD (Social anxiety disorder). I’m 12. I’m 50% happy and 50% sad. I never show my family the sad side of me. Should I ask my parent if I can get a service dog?

  10. I definitely wonder if I would qualify for a service dog for my anxiety. I don’t get a lot of sleep from my anxiety and I have multiple anxiety attacks at school and I need to push against everything to just be able to move when I am having said anxiety attack.

    I am looking into getting service dogs but I think my parents or my doctor will say no because I’m “just a little kid” and I don’t have anxiety. I know if I do get one by brother will tell me I’m faking because he tells me “your too young to have anxiety”

  11. I have anxiety along with a lot of other things like when I have panic attacks I commonly pass out and it triggers something in my brain that causes a seizure because of my tuberous sclerosis (aka epilepsy) I have panic attacks 2-5 per week and seizures 5-7 times per month would I qualify for having a service dog? Btw I might have a couple other conditions that can’t be diagnosed right now because of corona virus

  12. Can I have your guys opinion on this, ever since I was little I have had a dad that would verbally abuse us and he physically abusive, we had to lock our selves in our rooms to stay safe every night and go to bed of the sound of screaming crying things braking having to wake up at 4 in the morning to hurry up and pack up to get out of the house before something bad happens AND lots more. MY mom got a new guy who’s in the house and is always screaming at us just because it makes him feel good, I don,t get out of my room anymore rarely because I’m scared to be in the same room as him, I’m lacking in water, exercise, sleep and food. and I can feel my body getting sicker if that makes sense. I have developed depression, severe anxiety, and PTSD from the past trauma not to mention I have a random change in heart beat that cause my heart rate to sky rocket causing my legs to feel weak and sometimes make me fall and make my vision kinda go all wonkey and black (tunnel vision) and if I dont sit down I pass out its a form of P.O.T.S tasks its might perform its (going to fetch my meds for me, doing LPT to calm me down from a anxiety attck, alert to my anxiety, alert to my high heart rate perform DPT to help when i pass out or have to lay down, providing mobility assistance when my legs give out, guiding me out of the store during and anxiety attack and many more) do you guys think I qualify for a service dog if so what type?

  13. I wish support dogs are allowed to enter public places like service dogs. Sometimes all someone need to have their anxiety reduced is comfort and the fact they can’t be allowed is just astonishing. Although if their dog cannot behave in a public setting then obviously I wouldn’t be okay with a dog yipping at people but I definitely think that as long as the dog is a support dog/service dog and they are well behaved they should have the same right.

  14. whats a panic disorder? is is to do with panic attacks? I mean no disrespect, I’m just curious, no one has to answer if they don’t want to lol 🙂

  15. All I need is a note from a doctor now. My counselor couldn’t give me one because she isn’t a doctor. I am working so hard with Hershey to get her ready to go out in public!

  16. I don’t know if I’m the only
    One but I get anxiety when I’m in public because If the color of my skin

  17. I’m pretty sure I qualify for a service dog because my anxiety can be bad sometimes and like I feel like I wanna d*e. Sometimes I’m perfectly fine and think that if I get a service dog it will be a waste(I always have a little but of anxiety no matter what tho). I need help deciding if I truly need it.

  18. I would like a service dog because of my PTSD, severe anxiety, and severe depression. :/ I’m too afraid to ask my parents though, and they cost a lot

  19. My anxiety has gotten so bad that I subconsciously scratch my arm and making bumbs and scratch marks and such. I usually feel empty for no reason or I feel panicky. I am shaking right now. It comes a lot. Just talking to a person, online even. It refrians me from ordering food, talking with my family, even opening my door, talking to a teacher, even talking to myself. I always get calmed down by animals. I also have depression and have to have my dad sweet talk me out of bed- sometimes dragging me out. Even typing this is making me feel really anxious. I’m shaking- as Ive said. I have had panic attacks at random times and my dad doesn’t believe in my mental illnesses even though Ive been diagnosed.

  20. I commonly have panic attack, suffer anxiety attacks, lose focus or throw up and feel the need to just lie on the floor or curl up and not talk to anyone during social moments or being around too many people. I feel like I have social anxiety but I’m not a professional and I want to see one but I don’t know how to tell/ask my parents do u have any advice?

  21. Thank you! I’m now understanding better.

    I have ADHD that goes hand in hand with a lot of anxiety. In social situations and even in everyday life I don’t notice my anxiety building up in time to know to remove myself and take a break.
    A service dog I believe could beneficial because I could train it to alert me to my nerves habits, or the "warning signs" I’m about to be overwhelmed. Leg bouncing, rubbing my legs hard nervously, and other things happen before my mind is aware I’m getting anxious. I need someone to let me know "hey you should take a break" before my panic attack. Once its too late I’m non verbal and can’t communicate.

    I’m not sure if that counts as a task….does a task have to be when the dog does something to help while its happening?

    If anyone knows a answer to that please tell me.

    If that is the case, I have coping skills that require another person…or dog. Crowd blocking (keeping people separated from me by having the dog stand between) and the dog sitting/laying on me to apply pressure would be beneficial to say the least.
    I’m not sure if that would be considered "comfort" instead of a task though

  22. This past year has been the hardest of my life struggling with an anxiety disorder and depression is something i would not wish on my worst enemy.

  23. I tend to go to smaller establishments and locations. I also, prefer early mornings or late nights, as well as avoid going places during the weekend; as I am aware that more people are out. My family pretty much run errands for me, or I utilize the phone, internet and delivery services. I always feel as if everyone is focused on me. I have been unemployed for quite some time, due to my severe anxiety. If I don’t qualify for a service dog; I will still adopt a dog, because I know it will be a great benefit to my life.

  24. hi, my name is Barbara, I’m from Brazil. There are no psychiatric service dogs around here, psychiatrists and psychologists don’t even know them. Emotional support dogs have recently arrived and are not yet known. Country law does not benefit service dogs other than guide dogs. In this situation, it is very difficult to train my psychiatric service dog. I have severe depression and anxiety. Do you have any tips you can give me?

  25. I’m not sure if I qualify for a service dog. I have extreme anxiety, depression, and more that I think a service will really help me. I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember and it has only gotten worse. It is ok sometimes but there are points where I can’t function. I hyperventilate, I can’t stand up, I just can’t do anything. I was wondering if I qualify for a service dog and if you think it’s worth looking into.

  26. I don’t know why but I’m having anxiety rn. I feel chest pain and as I’m holding my phone it’s shaking like crazy. I also have some really bad panic attacks. I could realy use a service dog.

  27. I’m not sure if I need one or not. I have anxiety/panic disorder as well as multiple other mental illnesses. I have a self harm problem especially during panic attacks and I loose time from school and work a lot bc of these disorders. My parents don’t like me to be alone since my panic attacks are so severe and can be very harmful to myself. I haven’t brought it up with my therapist yet but I’m not sure. What do you guys think?

  28. Okay but what if it’s just out of no where. Whenever I watch an action movie makes me anxious, I’ve noticed that when I try to focus on something like clip my cats nails I can’t because my hand is shaking to much. I also get panic attacks and don’t like being crowded or in a place with strangersm I don’t like talking or hanging out with new people.

  29. I kinda wanna get a service dog because I have Anxiety and Depression and pills dont help with anxiety but my parents wont let me. I get anxiety no matter the situation and it can cause me to self harm (cutting, hitting, scratching), screaming, crying, and I get really panicked when people come near me. I also get super anxious when a person just looks at me. So does that mean I might ‘Qualify’?
    It does help when I have a dog laying on me when its happening (family’s dog’s). Im sorry im rambling

  30. My anxiety is so bad I have panic attacks every day before school and on sundays because that means tommorow is school one of the main reasons I fear going out is illness I have a fear of germs, illness, vo*it this causes me to feel feel dizzy all the time and sometimes si*ck because I’m scared of si*ck which makes me worry so much more. My anxiety makes me find around other ways to stay in without going out.
    My dog is 6 years old and I have been training him for 2-3 months now to suite my needs
    He can perform DPT, he stops me from scratching my legs, warns me when I’m about the have a panic attack ( by my breathing), reminds me when I’m biting my nails and makes me stroke him, and stops me from shaking my hands ( an anxiety coping method which I get bullied for) And I have bought him a service dog in training vest but i I’ve in the UK and I don’t know what to do next to actually make him my service dog.

  31. I have a standard poodle who isn’t a service dog but he is my safe place he’s so lovable and a huge help I have quite bad anxiety to the point where I can’t leave my house I had to drop out of school in year 8 but my dog has changed my life. I’m from the UK in case your confused about year 8

  32. Also me helping and focussing on my dog, during events help me calm down. Idk how but I’m able to interact with people better when we are talking about my dog. I lost my aunty Friday and my dog did dpt which stopped me from breaking down and having a episode.

  33. I totally agree with you. My dad woke up at like…2 am on Tuesday because he felt something in his spirit and he asked if I was awake. I was singing a song that has an English version. It’s a very heavy and a sad song. I was talking with my dad and I had so much random anxiety. I even told him I was done self-diagnosing, etc. I get anxiety through anything. I always get anxiety when leaving the house, going inside the house, seeing people, hearing people, etc. I rarely leave the house because of it. (Except church and stuff.) I honestly have so many fears and random outbursts of crying. I can’t even handle how depressed I feel. I want to see a doctor or something about my situation. (Not saying I need a service dog/emotional support). I also have had migraines since I was 11, when my period started. My migraines get so bad and I get sick when it’s in the middle of my forehead. (Explaining things because i like to get it off my chest or someone to hear me out.) I also am lactose intolerant and get very sick with dairy. I had something with "almond milk" in it and still got sick. I have almond milk here at home, and I don’t get sick. Some people can make excuses like, "I need a service dog because i am lactose intolerant". I mean, it really depends. Or those fake people as well. I really have never thought of service dogs as much. I’ve seen them in person, and recently. I never bother anyone. I honestly just never thought about it until this year. My plan to see a doctor about myself and what not. I’ll probably go with my mom this summer, but I don’t know. It’s just been bothering me for a while. I keep debating everything. But I really agree with you on this

  34. I have a question and wanted to know if someone can help me, I have mild to severe separation anxiety disorder and anxiety with things changing in my everyday routine from morning to the end of the day (I’m in middle school) to where I will cry and refuse to go to school and almost feel like I’m Ganna faint(my anxiety would go on for most of the day) for as little as someone different is Ganna take me to school, change in schedule when I have no control over ect. Does anyone think I should possibility benefit from a service dog I have also asked my sister and from what she said I have a feeling she thinks i don’t need one because there for people for more severe things other than what I have

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