Anxious Rescue Dog Wears Shirts To Make Her Feel Safe | The Dodo You Know Me Now Meet My Pet

Anxious Rescue Dog Wears Shirts To Make Her Feel Safe | The Dodo You Know Me Now Meet My Pet

This anxious rescue dog named Goose wears shirts for the sweetest reason ❤️
You can keep up with @Grace Helbig and Goose and all of their adventures together on Instagram, gracehelbig: and on YouTube:

Introducing Dodo swag!

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  1. Aw, jeez! Instead of your voice, I pictured the Bee Gees breaking into a chorus of the Saturday Night Fever song! Instead of "You should be dancing, YEAH" they sing "I caught you dancing, YEAH!. Now I can’t get the song – or your dog – out of my head. What a lovely way to catch an ear worm!

  2. For the first 45 seconds, I was like "Why does Goose sound familiar?", then Grace came up and I was like *OH IT’S GRACE HELBIG.*

  3. Some trainers saying not to put clothing on your pet
    Dog needs clothes to feel safe
    Yes this works just fine

  4. This made me so happy – Grace is wonderful (and from my neck of the woods – good ol’ New Jersey, lol) and I now know more about Goose!

  5. If you love your dog so much why do you call her dumb so many times?

    I counted at least 3 separate times you called her "Dumb" which is very disturbing, negative, and rude, especially when you claim to love the dog so much,

  6. OMG, I am looking forward to today’s video, the previous videos are great, I really like your videos, how can you make such good videos, I really admire that. If possible you could drop by my channel and give me some advice, I will thank you for that !!!

  7. Make that Shirt Tails (ER, uh, tailless). Match made via the internet. Grace & her Goose, the ‘Princess Monster.’ GOD BLESS your lives together.

  8. No such thing as spoiled. Rather well loved. I’m so happy that Grace and Goose found one another. Match made in heaven. Hugs and kisses.

  9. My deceased dog; the last year of his 14 years, he had dog dementia. We started using t-shirts that my son had grown out of for him. It really helped him feel not so scared.

  10. Wow, I never knew that my dog Calvin was experiencing anxiety issues everytime he was just chillin on the couch with his tongue out. I guess all I had to do was put a stupid shirt on him and project all of my inadequacies onto him.
    RIP Calvin

  11. OMG, I should also lay blankets around after bath time, my girl loves doing her zoomies after bath time. Goose is adorable and reminds me of my rescue Maggie. This video gives me hope for the rest of the world to find the love of a loving dog.

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