Are Pets Vegan? Dog-matic Vegans Say No | +What Pets Can You Feed Vegan?!)

Are Pets Vegan? Dog-matic Vegans Say No | +What Pets Can You Feed Vegan?!)

Is the concept of pet ownership or companionship vegan? Can cats and dogs be fed a vegan diet? What are the risks?

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Vegan diet possible for dogs:

“Did you know you may be literally killing your pet with kindness?” -

Hesitations for cats:

Many Vegan Cat Foods Failed to Meet their Claims:

Cat Vegan Trials:

Tuna Fed Cats Played Less Study:

Dogs Diverged From Wolves 32,000 years ago:

Urinary Acidifiers for Cats:


  1. I got snakes before going vegan. I love them to death but there is a 0% chance i could ever feed them a vegetable.

  2. One thing I have been told was that a human makes a conscience decision morally and ethically to eat Vegan and choose to do no harm to animals, however a cat or a dog does not. Specifically for a cat, it would be cruel to give your cat food it was not made to eat. Potentially doing your cat harm which is against the vegan philosophy. Therefore providing the pet with what it should eat, majority a carnivorous diet, is in fact morally and ethically acceptable.

  3. Are there any important updates on this topic, especially for dog food, after 4 years? I want my dog to be the healthiest possible and i think kibble is bad for them, but the documentary Pet Fooled recommends a raw food diet which requires meat, but if a dog can be healthier vegan I’d rather feed them a raw food vegan diet. Again, it’s all about the animals health, not veganism. If I have to feed my dog meat, that’s ok, I’m still vegan because vegan is about "practicable and possible" and taking care of animals is the most important thing.

  4. My 8 year old beagle has a tumour and I have decided to get him on a vegan diet and feed him Electrolysis Reduced alkaline water with a pH of 9. His tumour started decreasing straight away very visible after the first week and his energy doubled up. He feels so happy and I do too.

  5. So maybe vegans should just stick to vegan pets!
    If feeding your dog a vegan diet isn’t a sign of mental illness I don’t know what is..

  6. your a cat person so you are probably an introvert, wow i have 3 cats and i am not an introvert. not cool man.

  7. What a nonsense! Dogs are carnivores. I’m vegan for 20 years. My dog eats raw meat, bones, and organs. Get a bunny if you want to feed it vegan diet!

  8. let’s be real here, no dog should be on a vegan diet. dogs are omnivores but only eat vegetables when no meat is around. meats provide the necessary protein they need to live. you can also give your dog vegetables WITH meat because it gives them some really good vitamins but not just vegetables. the only reason a dog COULD be on a vegan diet is if they have some type of specific health problem. but even then, it’s just barely keeping them alive.

  9. I SUPPORT pet owners who feed their dogs a vegan diet.
    Notice how RABID and FANATIC the anti-vegans get when they can’t get their way.
    Notice how the anti-vegans NEVER ONCE EVER TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT THE TORTURE & SUFFERING of the COWS & CHICKENS & PIGS inside factory farms. NOT EVER ONCE.
    Sure, it is NOT ideal for the dog. But, THERE EXIST OTHER ANIMALS TO CONSIDER.

  10. so incredibly disappointing that so many vegan youtubers promote vegan cats and dogs. why the hell would you want to feed your pet a diet that is completely not biologically appropriate. it’s absolutely horrible.

  11. Humans started living with cats because they take care of pests. Now we are providing them extra flesh and its no longer practical to keep them as pets.

  12. Don’t feed into the anti vegan propaganda. All organisms on earth are herbivores, cats , dogs and even lions. If you feed your cat a non vegan diet, you are an animal abuser. Why would earth grow fruits, vegetables and tofu if lions and tigers aren’t supposed to eat them. The only reason they eat meat is because their lion society has programmed them to from birth. Watch dominion and go vegan !

  13. Cats. Dogs. Cant be vegan. Tbh humans cant even be vegan without supplements. Why are vegans (sorry for generalising)so fucking stupid.

  14. Why is this even a thing carnivores eat meat herbivores eat plants and omnivores do both mass pet deaths averted.

  15. I’ve been thinking that at some point I may adopt a bird when I have the space for it, but I’m really not that driven to own pets. Especially meet eating ones. It’s a greyer area for me, but I think pets are a symptom of the same root of the issue we vegans fight against. That being said, they are individuals, and they’re companionship has been nice. If you have one respect and take care of it, and avoid carnivores. I don’t think it’s exactly oppression at that point.

  16. I’m vegan but would never feed my cat a vegan diet, cats are carnivores and to not give them meat would be abuse, 2 rights don’t make a wrong, he goes out and hunts himself as well as eating cat food

  17. I’m vegan and I wouldn’t adopt a dog or cat. I would adopt another animal that didn’t need meat though And makesure they’re coming from a good place

  18. Feeding Dogs and Cats vegan is straight up animal cruelty. People who feed their dogs and Cats vegan just starve them

  19. I watched "game changers" and one of the arguments why humans should or can be vegan was that our colon is long enough to get the nutrients out of vegetables etc. Now I also read that the colon of dogs is short. I am trying to find the healthiest diet for my dog so I am not biased. Just wondering how they can get the nutrients from plants if their colon is short?

  20. Dogs are omnivores tho.Which means they need both plants and meat.Without either one they can’t thrive.Oh yea and the oldest dog blues actually ate tons of meat

  21. ‘Having’ a ‘pet’ just sounds a little sick to me.. I just to me. It’s an inimal that’s been made to be dependant and your part of that exploitation, of is out of its natural environment and your just joining in and justifying it out of your selfish needs to be comforted, kind of sick.

  22. Dogs will eat you too. Honestly, I hope my pets would eat me instead of starving if things came to that. I’m very comfortable with my cats eating diets containing salmon, sardines, and shrimp. The video really loses me at the point where moral judgements are passed on animals other than humans. I don’t think that cats should be euthanized simply because they are a carnivorous animal. Why is a cats life judged to be less valuable than the x amount of fish or chicken that the cat would have consumed? Do you have the same beliefs about other carnivorous animals? It’s reductio ad absurdum, but would you cheer the extinction of polar bears since they are an animal that eats meat? This video seems silly to me.

  23. Just don’t have a pet if you are vegan that’s simple. Or have a pet that is naturally a vegetarian. Forcing a pet to be vegan against it’s natural desire does not seem very vegan to me you are forcing it to suffer which is what being a vegan is meant to be about? Are pets with unbalanced diets not slaves? If you have a pet Heroin addict or alcoholic and suddenly take away their heroin or alcohol are they not suffering and at risk of death? Even though technically they don’t need a heroin based diet?

  24. Okay. So did I understand correctly that in vegan world dogs shouldn’t exist? Or all of them should be stray so that vegans wouldn’t need to feed them?

  25. Man oh man if mother nature realized there’s a group of people interfering with her work she’d be mad as hell!

  26. I live with my two vegan dogs :3 I went vegan thanks to them and I owe them my life 😀 they are my daughters

  27. Jesus fuck man, what is wrong with some people? Stop feeding cats & dogs an unnatural diet. Just because they can survive on a vegan diet, doesn’t mean they can thrive on it. Rabbits, guinea pigs, iguanas, parrots, tortoises, just to name a few popular herbivorous pets. No amount of synthetic vegan substitutes can sustain a carnivorous animal.

  28. I have two working dogs that work hard long days everyday and one of them struggles with eating and refuses to eat kibble so I have to feed him raw or he will starve himself.. I don’t know if a vegan kibble will be able to meet his nutrition needs when he refuses to eat kibble.

  29. Mike, do you still hold this view on vegan cats? Do you think that ingredients trumps nutrients? I.E. if the vegan cat food has the same nutrients as the non vegan food, what’s the problem with the vegan food? For example you bring up taurine, but taurine is synthetically added to vegan cat food, just as it is to non vegan cat food. Would love to hear what your updated view is on vegan cats.

  30. Forcing an animal to eat a diet that we think are ethical though they are not happy with are not ethical. Its more ethical to let them eat what they want naturaly. As long as you get your pet from a shelter, and have their best interest at heart, its ethical even if you feed them meat.

    Theres a youtube video of a dog where the owner puy him on a vegetarian diet, and when presented with a choice between his vegs and meat, he goes for the meat.

  31. I wouldn’t get a dog because I’m scared I wouldn’t give it the right diet. I just wouldn’t get a pet unless it’s a rescued bunny ect

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