Are The Wealthy The Only Ones Who Can Afford Healthcare?


The current climate in the health care industry is that health care is something that is only for the rich. This can be seen in conversations about the current health care reform in the United States. When you hear people say that why should I have to pay for health care for them? Many people don’t realize the value of this type of plan unless they are the group that is in need.When you look around you will find that there are many people who are living without health insurance. And you may realize how lucky you are to have a health insurance plan and to be able to afford to pay the premiums on that plan or maybe you just think that you deserve that health care more than someone who just recently became unemployed? Perhaps you think that will never be you but if this is your way of thinking you could be very wrong.Five years ago, many of these individuals who do not have any medical coverage wouldn’t have believed they would find themselves in the position they are now in. They couldn’t have predicted that their employer would reduce their medical coverage benefits or put the entire burden on them. Nor would have anticipated they would not have a job at all. Times are tough and more people are seeking help.When things are going well, they believe it will continue to be so and rarely giving thought or prepare for the unknown that may occur in the future. It isn’t only happening to individuals but to companies as well. When business is booming, it’s only natural to want to expand rather than put cash reserves in for a rainy day. Many people where surprised to find out they became one of the statistics you often read about in the daily paper.Medical coverage should be given to all that need it. To come this far technologically only to realize those advances can only be given to those that can afford it is disheartening. There are far more disadvantaged individuals than those with privilege who don’t give a second thought as to what anything may cost. The national health care reform will try to give medical coverage to all, not just the lucky few. However, it will take time for the program to be implemented and see what effect it has on the American people.

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