Baby Skunks Trying To Spray – Funniest Compilation

Baby Skunks Trying To Spray – Funniest Compilation

Compilation of baby skunks playing, stomping and spraying. Skunks are adorable animals when you are not the target of their sprayer.

Skunks are notorious for their defense mechanism. When in danger, they will spray whatever is threatening them with a powerful liquid that has an unbearable odor.

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  1. One time I was outside of my school with my friends and we saw a skunk and my friend decided to scare it alway and I told her that it’s not a good idea to get near a skunk then she got closer to it and it hisses at her and ran alway.

  2. I just shot one of these assholes and WOOOOOOW!!! I had no idea they smell THAT bad! Smells like putrid rotten garlic mix with burnt rubber. Holy fuck my head hurts just from smelling it.

  3. It is what I think of myself more importantly. I must orient socially without compromising my own self respect.

  4. I just got startled by a skunk in my front yard. Little buger snuck up on me lucky for me he didn’t notice me until he was outside the gate and he ran off rather then spraying!

  5. I lived in the country n saw what I thought was my cat. It was dark and very little moonlight . As I called my " cat " she ignored me. Nothing new for her . I got closer till a few feet behind her. It was then that I saw the 2 white stripes. It was a cat… A pole cat. They say white men can’t jump. This one jumped and ran better than Michael Jordan.

  6. please tell me why I’m obsessed with any rat-like animals that stink.

    I literally have ferrets and now I want a skunk I-

  7. Which ocean of venom is more cowardly? You are going to start down the path of killing people every time they make a mistake, it is very evident that you have proven an inclination to do this, and then everyone will be cowards and nobody will learn from their mistakes.

  8. @ :17, They decided they *must* combine theirselves as one, to form "Skunktron", to defend themselves against Hoomankind. ("…Form arms and body!…And I’ll form the head!")

  9. WTF? Why the F^ck would you have a skunk in your house? I guess it’s like having cats and you Can’t the spray? Someone tell me Please!

  10. Marijuana starts smelling pleasant and you don’t know what you are smelling. Is it a skunk or is it marijuana?

  11. It’s when you insult someone else more than when you insult me but I definitely prefer to not be insulted.

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