Bee Removal Facts

Bee removal is not something homeowners should take lightly. In some
cases, it may require the help of a professional. To better understand
bees and the best ways to get rid of them, read these facts:

In any case, bee removal should be handled by a professional when
possible. Some varieties of bees are particularly aggressive, like the
Africanized honey bee, and need to be handled by professionals who know
how to protect themselves against stinging.

While most bees do not attack unless provoked, they should not remain
around homes. Pets and children can become vulnerable to bee attacks if
playing outdoors for long time period of time. Bees are still pests,
which means any pest control plan should have the goal of getting rid of
them permanently from your property. Find more information on how to
get rid of bees from a local pest exterminator company.

Bees are affected by the type of clothing people wear. for some
reason, rough and dark clothing of wool or leather irritats them, which
is why professional bee keepers wear light colored, smooth textured
clothes when tending their hives. Some perfumes also aggravate bees,
which will attack a moving target faster than they will an immobile one.
Running or swatting at them only increases the chances of a sting.

So when a bee draws near, try to relax. It will probably lose
interest in you once it finds out you are not a gladiola — or an enemy.

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