BEFORE you BUY a FERRET watch this VIDEO!

BEFORE you BUY a FERRET watch this VIDEO!

Facts about ferrets! Things you should know before buying one!

How to bathe ferrets:

How to clip ferret nails:

DIY litter box:


  1. I’ve been researching ferrets since the quarantine came about and I LOVE them. They are such cool little guys! This video is the most informational I’ve seen.

  2. You should probably watch a more recent video because for ferrets there was alot of thing that was good but not anymore and when in watching this it was made 6 years ago.
    Like the scruffing this is probably was okay then but not now

  3. They stink so bad even cleaning the litter every day, my fiancé bought one for our son’s birthday even tho I forbid it! I can’t stand the smell they’re so gross!!

  4. I own 3 they should not be around little children at all evening if they are being watch not gonna stop them from biting trust me I seen it happen in he would not let go I’ll say 17th in up if u know what u doing …

  5. If u watch this video DO NOT bathe your ferrets once or twice a month they actually don’t need baths. The best would be to just bathe them once or twice a year

  6. I’m actually getting a ferret soon so this video is very very helpful for stuff I didn’t cover when I was looking at information!

  7. I was planning on getting a ferret as a pet. This vid is informative even if it was from 6 yrs ago. Thank you!

  8. I learned my ferret to not bite if she really eants to bite me she bite me leisurely if she bite me hard i I slap her on the nose and then be ashamed

  9. I hate it that ferrets’ scent glands are always taken out in the US…. Plus, they get castrated at like six weeks, that’s awful. In my country, taking out the scent glands is illegal. I got Boris (my ferret) castrated at 4.5 months, and that was only because he entered puberty early (wanted to wait until 6 months, but he was "ready" at 3. His balls descended too early and he got extremely aggressive towards anyone that got close to me, not fun). He’s the sweetest ever, though. He doesn’t bite, nibbles at most. 3.5 pounds now, 30 inches (at 19 weeks) and an absolute sweetheart. Runs to his cage to take a nap, go potty or eat (runs around whenever I’m home). If you don’t interfere with who they are too much, they’re absolute sweethearts.

  10. Im glad i stumbled upon this cause I’ve been looking into a ferret to adopt that i saw. And im gonna name him Loki and give him a home

  11. I have a question are they allowed to go out on a walk on a leed or if i take them out do i hold them? Im getting 1 or 2 when i mlve house so im looking up stuff aht them

  12. My neighbors got a baby ferret and asked me to watch him for a few days bc he wasn’t doing well with their one year old. Thank you for this video! I watched it that night. I would have been lost without it. I still have a lot to learn about the little guy but Loki has been apart of the family for 5 months now, and we have loved every minute of it.

  13. I’m surprised you know so much about ferrets but arent familiar with their hissing they do. I miss my 2 fuzzy land sharks. It’s been almost a year and I still cry over them being gone. Quite pathetic really lol

  14. In the uk it is illegal to descent ferrets. I have a little girl called fonzie and although she does have an odor it is completely manageable I just keep her hutch clean and give her a bath when she gets dirty. Like the other day I spilled raw egg all over her by accident and she stunk so bad. A simple wash and burning a scented candle did the trick

  15. Thanks for making this video! I was considering on buying a ferret but I didn’t know what I needed to look out for

  16. About grade school kids, if a 6th grader who is responsible and will listen and try their best to take care of and animal in this case a ferret would they be able to play with a ferret unsupervised?

  17. why the fuck did people dislike it? he just answered every single question that i googled while watching this.. this is wholesome

  18. This is great thank you. Cats are kinda also fun and interactive if you really have a connection with them. You can play with them too and some cats love being outdoors so cats are great too haha

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